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    21 “Gossip Girl” Reboot Episode 6 Outfits, Ranked From "No Way" To "Yaassss"

    Some of these looks were worse than Julien and Obie's relationship.

    Hello, Upper East Siders! As wild as it seems, we've made it through six weeks of watching our favorite socialites deliver some memorable looks, for better or worse.

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    So, without further ado, let's dive right into the clothing choices made in Episode 6: "Parentsite."

    21. Audrey's drab hospital sweater:

    Audrey wears a long sleeve striped sweater
    HBO Max

    It only took six weeks, but we finally have a new frontrunner for the worst outfit on the show! Between the color and how it fits her, this sweater isn't it all. Sorry, Aki!

    20. The terrible trio's school day looks:

    Wendy wears a floral dress under a peacoat, Kate wears a patterned blouse under a wool coat, and Jordan wears a V-neck sweater under a thin jacket
    HBO Max

    And we're back to business as usual! I truly hope Season 1B sees these three step up their fashion game, because I'm BORED!

    19. Audrey's spiraling out fit:

    Audrey wears a dark turtleneck under a matching peacoat
    HBO Max

    Miss Audrey wasn't doing well with her mental, physical, or fashion health this episode. Honestly, this looks like something Obie would wear, and that is NOT a compliment. Speaking of which...

    18. Obie's maroon dinner look:

    Obie wears a button up shirt under a matching blazer
    HBO Max

    While Obie as a character has truly plummeted in my book, I have to give him credit for this outfit because maroon really is his color.

    17. Nick's "lazy day at home" fit:

    Nick wears baggy jeans and a light t-shirt under a flannel
    HBO Max

    Finally, we get to see our favorite dad out of a suit and tie! I love how his look is a bit '90s inspired with the baggy jeans and flannel. I totally see where Zoya gets her fashion inspiration from!

    16. Jody's prim and proper mom look:

    Jody wears a high-neck long sleeve floral blouse and dark dress pants
    HBO Max

    I'm so disappointed by the fact we didn't get to see more of Jody, because she seems like the most normal parent on the Upper East Side. I mean, she's definitely one of the best dressed, because this blouse is gorgeous. 

    15. Kate's serious corduroy moment:

    Kate wears a patterned blouse under a corduroy jacket
    HBO Max

    This is a great example of how changing one piece of your outfit can really elevate your look. I love this jacket, and the color really works on her. More of this, please!!

    14. Wendy's wine night fit:

    Wendy wears a long sleeve turtleneck sweater, baggy denim shorts, and knee high socks
    HBO Max

    This look isn't an ugly dress and shows off her personality??? FINALLY!! THIS IS ALL I WANTED!! 

    13. Zoya's sweet meet-the-parents dress:

    Zoya wears a knee length satin tank top dress
    HBO Max

    While I do love the satin material and the color, I do wish the dress was a bit tighter because she looks a bit boxy. It's still super cute, though!

    12. Julien's all-black business woman moment:

    Julien wears a high-waisted dark sheer skirt and a matching short sleeve blouse
    HBO Max

    Not everyone can pull off wearing a sheer crop top to a meeting where they're being offered millions of dollars, but, of course, Julien can. This is why we stan!

    11. Davis's light and breezy fit:

    Davis wears khaki pants and a plain t-shirt under a knit cardigan
    HBO Max

    SOME of the men really showed a different, better side of themselves during this episode, and Davis is no exception! It's rare that we don't see him rocking dark colors, so I appreciate this change of pace. However, I do wonder if the Calloways have a "cream colors" only policy in their apartment...

    10. Julien's cream turtleneck dream:

    Julien wears a oversized knit sweater over dark biker shorts
    HBO Max

    Like her father, Julien seemed to be rocking more light colors, apart from her business meeting attire. I still can't get on board with the biker shorts, though.

    9. Zoya's plaid Scary Spice look:

    Zoya wears a plaid jumper skirt over a plain t-shirt under an oversized plaid coat
    HBO Max

    Our girl Z rocked a lot of plaid over the hourlong runtime, but honestly, I'm not mad at it. She makes this uptown-girl-grunge look really work for her. However, the main highlight of the look has to be her adorable buns. 20/10, how can I get a tutorial for this please?

    8. Zoya's layered protest fit:

    Zoya wears a baggy t-shirt under an open flannel shirt under a baggy flannel coat
    HBO Max

    A lot of people may not like the double flannel look, but I'm not one of them! Go big or go home, am I right?

    7. Julien's 2000s pop girl moment:

    Davis wears a striped long sleeve shirt and dark sweatpants. Julien wears baggy army pants and a cropped tank top
    HBO Max

    While it may not be number one, this look is definitely my favorite overall. As soon as I saw it, I could totally picture Beyoncé or Britney Spears wearing it while out on the town in the early '00s. I hope we see more of this toned-down, casual throwback style from Julien in the future!

    6. Julien's iconic uniform letterman jacket:

    Julien wears an oversized knit sweater under a Tommy Hilfiger letterman jacket
    HBO Max

    Guys, I replayed this moment so many times because I couldn't believe that Constance Billard would have uniform jackets designed by Tommy Hilfiger, but boy was I wrong. This season's uniforms have truly showed how wealthy this school and its patrons are. 

    5. Max's adorable sports coat:

    Max wears a wool coat embroidered with baseball team flags
    HBO Max

    As usual, Max is rocking something that truly no one else could pull off. The wool and random baseball team flags are a very ~interesting~ combination, but I'd still buy it, tbh. 

    4. Helena's elegant overcoat:

    A close up of Helena as she wears an oversized shawl collared coat
    HBO Max

    I couldn't love this jacket more if I tried. It's such a statement piece on an otherwise boring ensemble. 

    3. Luna's gorgeous managerial look:

    Luna wears a two-toned patterned tank top strap floor length dress
    HBO Max

    While it breaks my heart to see Lunet broken up, I love how Luna stepped up to the plate to be there for Julien, both in friendship and professionally. And, of course, she looks flawless while doing so.

    2. Aki's "Sk8er Boi" moment:

    Aki wears baggy jeans with light denim patches on the knee and a t-shirt with singer Frank Ocean on it
    HBO Max

    I'm so mad that we've been deprived of seeing Aki rocking cool looks like this for SIX EPISODES!! Now that I know we can do better with him fashion-wise, I never want to see him in a boring uniform ever again.

    1. And finally, Luna's cozy yet regal fit:

    Luna wears a knee length knit turtleneck sweater dress under a fuzzy jacket
    HBO Max

    Only Luna could appear in two scenes and absolutely steal the show in both. I can't decide whether I love the jacket, dress, or hairstyle more. Honestly, it's all pretty iconic, just like Luna herself.

    That's all for now, my darlings! Thank you so much for going on this fashion roller coaster with me! See you for the second half of Season 1 in November!! XOXO

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