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    Florence Pugh Is The Most Entertaining Celeb On Instagram, And Here Are 20 Posts That Prove Why

    Other celebs need to step up their IG game!

    Since the release of Black Widow on Friday, there's one name that's been on everyone's mind: Florence Pugh.


    While the actor is already known for her iconic roles in Midsommar and Little Women, she's also got quite the talent for being one of the most down-to-earth celebrities on Instagram.

    Below are some of her best moments on the 'gram:

    1. When she took time out of her day to document the true beauty of nature.

    2. When she exposed the secret to her incredible skin.

    3. When she gave us this iconic outtake from her street photo shoot.

    4. Whenever she showed off her impressive cooking skills and the delicious fruits of her labor.

    5. When she and her pup made the same face in this incredible selfie.

    6. When wearing a dress and platforms didn't stop her inner child from coming out to play.

    7. When she improvised these haunting lyrics.

    8. When she hilariously enjoyed her new travel accessory.

    9. When she proved anyone could look amazing even when rocking terrible bedhead.

    10. When she posed dramatically in front of a deli because why not???

    11. When she gave us a glimpse at her ecstatic workout partners.

    12. When she proudly showed off her "ugly" pumpkin.

    13. When she lovingly posed with her onscreen sister Saoirse Ronan.

    14. When she gifted us with this master class in posing from her balcony for a photo shoot.

    Florence Pugh stands on a balcony with her hand covering her entire face due to the wind
    @florencepugh / Via

    15. When she proved celebs are just like us and also like to snooze on vacation.

    16. When she gave us this amazing Midsommar behind-the-scenes look.

    17. When her facial journey accurately represented what it's like to force yourself to eat vegetables as an adult.

    18. When she proved that no one can take a good picture while standing in neon lighting.

    19. When she wasn't afraid to get down and dirty with her food.

    20. And finally, when she gifted us with this rare glimpse of Scarlett Johansson on social media.

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