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Author Rainbow Rowell Chooses Between Good And Evil In This Epic Game Of Would You Rather

We asked the best-selling author of Fangirl and Carry On the tough questions about magic, villainy, and love.

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St. Martin's Press

Rainbow Rowell's critically acclaimed books have established her as a YA powerhouse. Her newest, Carry On, deals with issues of identity, heroes and villains, choice, and magic. We had the chance to catch up with her on the day of Carry On's launch. Naturally, we put her to the test with a game of Would You Rather: Heroes and Villains edition.

...think you’re the Chosen One, and find out later you’re actually set up to be the villain, or think you're a villain, but find out you're the Chosen One?

"I can't be a villain!!! I don't think you can be set up to be the villain. I think you can only set yourself up to be the villain. You're never the villain because someone else says you are; you have to make that choice."