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    31 Ways To Mix Up Your Style

    Your new look awaits.

    We hope you love the products we recommend! Just so you know, BuzzFeed may collect a share of sales or other compensation from the links on this page. Oh, and FYI — prices are accurate and items in stock as of time of publication.

    1. Clean out your closet so you can actually see what you have and don't feel like this every time you go in there.


    Chances are, you have several great things you've forgotten about hiding in the depths of your closet. Getting rid of the stuff that doesn't fit your style anymore not only frees up space for new stuff, but allows you see everything you already own more clearly. Who knows what wonders are hiding behind that Abercrombie hoodie you haven't worn since 2008?

    Get more tips for cleaning out your closet here and here.

    2. Make everything you have more visible with a hanging rod that'll double your closet space.,

    I get some of my best outfit ideas just from seeing things near each other in my closet and realizing they'd totally work together. That's not possible if your hangers are jammed together so tightly that everything is just a jumbled mess.

    Check out more closet organizing products and tricks.

    Promising review: "This sturdy and lightweight closet rod doubled my available space in seconds. It leaves plenty of space on the top rod for longer shirts and tops, and shorter ones fit perfectly on the hanging rod, without grazing the floor. Hangers stay in place and don't slide to one end or the other, and so far the rod hasn't sagged or bowed at all. I have all my sweatshirts and heavy fleece jackets on it. I highly recommend this to anyone in need of more closet space!" —CCBunE

    Get it from Amazon for $20.83.

    3. Invest in one amazing jacket that'll make anything you put under it instantly cool.,

    Both of these are faux leather, so they're fierce and animal friendly. Pick one that hits right above or at your hips so it'll work equally well with skirts, dresses, and pants.

    Get the black for $148 (available in sizes XS-XL and in five colors) or the embroidered pink for $100.80 (available in sizes XS-XL), both from Express.

    4. Tuck a romper or a lightweight dress into a skirt, and voila, you've got a new top!

    Katy Herman / BuzzFeed

    Clearly, this is a favorite trick of mine. It's a great way to get more life out of your wardrobe!

    5. Sign up for a clothing subscription service like Trunk Club, which is an actually affordable way to snag your own personal stylist., Macey J. Foronda for BuzzFeed

    Trunk Club gives you a lot more control over what you get than many subscriptions do. In addition to filling out a survey about your style, you get to chat with your stylist online or over the phone. You even get to approve the items before they're shipped! Then, a box with 6-10 pieces of clothing and accessories arrives at your door and it's totally up to you what to keep (though, since Trunk Club is run by Nordstrom, you know it's gonna be good stuff). You can sign up to have trunks delivered seasonally or monthly, or you can order them one at a time. It's still totally your style, but sometimes it's nice to have someone encouraging you to try new things!

    Check out BuzzFeed's review of Trunk Club and more clothing subscriptions.

    Pieces range from $40-$300, and the $25 styling fee is credited towards your purchase (in other words, you only have to pay it if you don't buy anything).

    6. Try Stylebook, which is basically the app version of Cher Horowitz's smart closet, only with more features. It lets you virtually mix and match your wardrobe, plan outfits, track what you actually wear, make packing lists, and even keep all your style inspo in one place.

    There's even a search feature, which is particularly great when you're out shopping and want to remember if you actually have something similar hiding in the back of your closet at home.

    Promising review: "I rediscovered my wardrobe. This app is a simple and elegant way to organize your outfits. It takes quite a while to photograph all your clothes, but anything new is much easier to record since you can usually download the picture from the manufacturer's website. I love the outfit shuffle feature (which suggests combinations of clothes you may not have thought of before), the style stats (which tell you the cost-per-wear as well as a range of other stats about what you wear), and the packing feature (where you select outfits and the app gives you a packing list). The main benefit is that it really saves time and emotional energy selecting your outfit in the morning. And it helps you determine what additional pieces you actually need to allow you to get more out of what you already have." —Tigalli

    Get it for Apple devices for $5.99 or a similar app for Android devices for free.

    7. Or snag all of your fave style inspo IRL with the Style Match feature on the Asos mobile app. It allows you to upload photos of your fave Instagrammers, bloggers, stylish friends, or even randos on the street (don't actually do that) and shop items similar to what they're wearing.

    @nohfun / Via, Harper Hendrickson / BuzzFeed

    Check out BuzzFeed's full write-up of the app.

    Get it for Apple or Android devices for free.

    8. Knot a plaid shirt around your waist with a solid-colored outfit for a little bit of pattern and a major cool factor.

    Get the black tee for $5 (available in sizes S-L and in five colors) and a similar plaid shirt for $10 (available in sizes S-L), both from Forever 21.

    9. Find a few pieces of statement jewelry that really reflect your style, then work them into your looks as much as possible. It's amazing what a single necklace or pair of earrings can do.,,

    Get the necklace from Amazon for $6.99+ (available in seven colors), the earrings from Baublebar for $42, and the bangle from Free People for $38.

    10. Or use statement-making makeup in a similar way. Add a unique touch to a basic outfit with major eye makeup or a bright lip color. If you're really feeling bold, rock colorful makeup with an already colorful outfit — just make sure it echoes or compliments the colors you're wearing.,

    Get Fenty Beauty Mattemoiselle lipstick from Sephora for $18 (available in 14 shades) and Maybelline's Lemonade Craze eye palette from Amazon for $10.98.

    11. Make a top and bottom combo look a little less stuffy by only tucking in the front.

    Listen, I was doing the half tuck/French tuck/whatever you want to call it long before Tan France made it famous. It looks effortlessly stylish and adds interest to an outfit. Basically, it's a 10-second way to make yourself look chic as hell.

    Get more tips on shirt tucking from Advice From A Twenty-Something.

    12. Don't ever think that you can't pull off participating in a trend. Once a trend gets big enough, there are so many versions of it out there that you're bound to find a piece that fits your body, budget, and style. Look through magazines or the Gram and find a few trends that catch your eye, then try 'em out with a low-risk, super affordable version.,

    For example, get the lace-up bodysuit on the left (great for tucking in to jeans and skirts) from Amazon for $5+ (available in sizes S-L and in five colors) or the wide-leg jumpsuit on the right from Forever 21 for $22.90 (available in sizes 0X-3X).

    When searching for a very specific item, ShopStyle can be a really helpful tool. It searches tons of stores and you can filter by size, color, and price.

    13. Master the basics of pattern mixing, and don't be afraid to play around. Your leopard print flats and floral skirt are made to pair with wayyyy more than just basics (in fact, they'd probably be cute together).

    Getty Images/Tori Art/Mai Vu/Hulinska_Yevheniia/ Berezka_Klo/billnoll

    The patterns you're combining should have at least one color in common (for example, because of the black, almost every print in the diagram above would work with the others, except maybe the stripe and gingham, which are too similar). It's also a good idea to pay attention to scale — two tiny prints usually won't look as good together as a large print and a smaller print or two medium-sized prints (like the stripes and the leopard). And of course, rules are meant to be broken. The best way to create cool pattern combos is to just play around. If it looks good to you, do it!

    Check out this older BuzzFeed post for more print mixing inspo.

    14. Or find a product that does the print-mixing work for you, like this cute striped-and-floral maxi dress.

    Promising review: "I'm wearing this dress for the first time today, and I've received approximately 647 compliments this morning alone! The dress fits a little larger than I expected it to (I ordered a large and I'm 5'7" and weigh 150ish pounds). The colors are just as pictured, and the mixed patterns are so on trend. The material is soft and breathable, and it looks much more expensive than the price I paid!" —Ashley

    Get it from Amazon for $21.99+ (available in sizes S-XXL, in five color combinations, and in a sleeveless version).

    15. If your rut involves always reaching for the same jeans, give your outfits a ~leg~ up by swapping out your go-to denim for some cute cropped pants every once in a while.

    Promising review: "They can be dressed up to look professional or dressed down for a casual outfit. They're comfy and the material is thick. I'll probably be buying other colors!" —Kiara

    Get them from Amazon for $20.99+ (available in sizes S-XXL and in six colors).

    16. Hone in on your personal style with tips from The Curated Closet, a book designed to help you narrow down your wardrobe to outfits that truly feel like you. Because sometimes a style rut comes from having too many so-so options instead of a few truly fabulous ones.

    Promising review: "I've been doing capsule wardrobes and working on editing my closet for the last two years, but I think this book is better than the other wardrobe overhaul methods I've tried. None of it is cookie-cutter; it's about what works for YOU. It starts with a look at your current outfits. The author asks you to take pictures of your outfits for two weeks and then look at your favorite outfits that you felt the best in. She helps you analyze them to figure out WHY you love them and shows you how to build your whole wardrobe around those elements. This is different from every other challenge I've tried, which have you look at all the clothes you WORE and build your wardrobe around those, which is NOT the same as building it around your favorite outfits. For me, I had a lot of favorite pieces mixed with filler pieces that I only felt meh about, and consequently I only felt okay about the outfits, even though they had some of my favorite pieces. No more meh! After reading this book I'm getting rid of a good chunk of my wardrobe, but now have a clear set of guidelines for building it back up. I have a color palette, a couple of go-to outfit formulas, and a very specific but concise shopping list of what I want to add. All that's left is to find the few pieces on my shopping list and enjoy finally having my ideal wardrobe." —stefany9579

    Get it from Amazon for $15.86+.

    17. Use a belt to add interest to or break up a look.,

    See how the cool, round-buckle belt on the left makes an outfit made up of basics more interesting, and actually feel like a ~look~ rather than just jeans and a tee? Such is the magic of a belt. And the one on the right provides awesomely edgy contrast to the delicate floral number, making it seem almost like an entirely different dress.

    To get the most bang for your buck, opt for a belt that has the right thickness and amount of holes to be worn around your waist or in the belt loops of your jeans. You can also poke an extra hole in a too-small belt with a leather punch or take it to a cobbler and have them do it.

    Get the belt on the left for $28 (available in sizes XS/S and M/L and in two colors) and the one on the right for $158 (available in sizes S/M and M/L), both from Free People.

    18. Add an extra rock-and-roll touch to ripped jeans by layering fishnets underneath.

    Get the tights above from Amazon for $2.97.

    19. Play with proportions and show off your shoes by cuffing your jeans. Bonus: it'll disguise frayed hem and make an old pair look new.

    Get more tips on how to roll your jeans from Advice From A Twenty-Something.

    20. Make even the geekiest of graphic tees look all ~fashion~ by tucking them into a high-waisted skirt or pair of shorts.

    Yi Yang/BuzzFeed, Colin Gorenstein / BuzzFeed

    Also, the pics above remind me of another great way to get out of a rut — shop in a new section, because gender and age are meaningless! My coworker Yi and I (the lovely ladies in the shirts above) both identify as women and as adults (I guess), yet Yi's tee is from the men's section and mine is from the boy's department. Listen, if you love it and it fits, who cares?!?!

    Get the Supernatural tee on the left from Hot Topic for $14.35 (available in sizes S-L) and the Yu-Gi-Oh! tee on the right from Uniqlo for $5.90 (available in boy's sizes 3-13).

    21. Let cool socks peek out from your shoes for an eye-catching, high-fashion touch.

    Katy Herman / BuzzFeed,

    A thin pair can work unexpectedly well with strappy heels. In the fall, patterned socks can make peep toe shoes wearable when it's chilly, and in the winter, thick, scrunched-up socks add a great shot of texture peeking out of the tops of boots.

    Get two pairs of the fishnet socks I'm wearing in the pic on the left from Asos for $3.50 and the polka dot socks from Free People for $12 (available in two colors).

    22. Add a fun hair accessory to your everyday do, be it some pretty pins in your go-to messy bun or a silky scrunchie to dress up a basic pony.,

    Get two of the bee hairpins from Amazon for $2.61 or the brocade scrunchie from Free People for $6 (available in seven designs, and the site is currently offering three scrunchies for $12).

    23. Give an old go-to dress a fresh look (or make a revealing dress more wearable) by popping it over a basic crewneck tee.

    Yi Yang / BuzzFeed

    This also works with sleeveless jumpsuits!

    Get a two-pack of the tee I'm wearing above (basically the perfect white tee IMHO) from Amazon for $16 (available in sizes XS-XXL and in 17 color combinations).

    24. Work the same layering magic with a cute bra top, bustier, or bandeau. The sexiness of a skimpy top creates an especially fabulous contrast over a button-down, and it's a great way to make your going-out pieces work for every day.

    @brittctrent / Via,

    Get a corset similar to the one on the left from Forever 21 for $16.11 (available in sizes S-L and in three colors) or the top on the right from Urban Outfitters for $49 (available in sizes XS-L).

    25. Don't pigeonhole pieces as just dressy or just casual. Rock a pair of heels with jeans or make an elegant dress more casual with sneakers. It's your wardrobe, so you don't have to wait for special occasions to wear your special pieces! You can do whatever the heck you want!

    Julia Engel / Via, Stephanie Pernas / Via

    Get more deets on the sneakers outfit from Gal Meets Glam and the heels outfit from A Sparkle Factor.

    26. Find a great pair of sunglasses you can pop on with every outfit to instantly add an "I'm a VIP" vibe to your look.

    Promising review: "I wore these at Coachella and they were fantastic! They definitely can fit the Coachella aesthetic and can be paired with any outfit. They felt sturdy and sat well on my nose. Sometimes glasses will slide down after a while, but these sat very nicely. And for how cheap these are, they're super worth it!" —Amazon Customer

    Get them from Amazon for $5.99+ (available in eight colors).

    27. Don't be afraid to try a coordinating set. They're actually super versatile, because you can also wear the pieces separately to create tons of different looks.,

    Get the blue and white set from Amazon for $19.99+ (available in sizes S-XL and in four patterns) or the pink set from Boohoo for $20 (available in sizes 2-10 and in four colors).

    28. Your fave bra doesn't have to be for your and bae's eyes only! Let a strappy or lacy bralette peek out from under a blazer or a low-cut top to lend an extra flirty touch to your outfit.

    @quaitland / Via,

    Check out BuzzFeed's full review of the bra on the left (#2) and get a similar one from Aerie for $25 (available in sizes XXS-XXL and in six colors). Get the bralette on the right from Amazon for $9.93+ (available in sizes S-XL and in two colors).

    29. Take advantage of the basically endless ways to style scarves, and remember: they're not just for your neck!

    Facebook: BuzzFeedCocoaButter,

    Check out this post full of scarf-tying tips, this post on ways to tie a headwrap like the one above, or this video showing how to use a scarf to give a purse new life.

    Get the lightweight scarf on the right from Amazon for $8.99+ (available in 24 patterns).

    30. Freshen up your everyday bag for less than the price of a new one by clipping on a cool patterned strap.,

    Get the embroidered strap from Rebecca Minkoff for $48 and the 3D floral strap from Amazon for $13.99+ (available in 38 designs).

    31. If you only have one go-to occasion dress, treat yourself to a new one.,

    Then give yourself permission to go ahead and wear your old fave in everyday life — add sneakers or boots to make it more casual. Check out some tips on how to make a fancy dress look more casual from Straight A Style.

    Get the velvet brocade dress from Modcloth for $99 or the lace dress from Amazon for $19.99+ (available in sizes XS-XXL and in four colors and four sleeve styles).

    Everyone when they see you in your new look:


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