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    31 Ways To Mix Up Your Style

    Your new look awaits.

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    1. Clean out your closet so you can actually see what you have and don't feel like this every time you go in there.

    2. Make everything you have more visible with a hanging rod that'll double your closet space.

    3. Invest in one amazing jacket that'll make anything you put under it instantly cool.

    4. Tuck a romper or a lightweight dress into a skirt, and voila, you've got a new top!

    5. Sign up for a clothing subscription service like Trunk Club, which is an actually affordable way to snag your own personal stylist.

    6. Try Stylebook, which is basically the app version of Cher Horowitz's smart closet, only with more features. It lets you virtually mix and match your wardrobe, plan outfits, track what you actually wear, make packing lists, and even keep all your style inspo in one place.

    7. Or snag all of your fave style inspo IRL with the Style Match feature on the Asos mobile app. It allows you to upload photos of your fave Instagrammers, bloggers, stylish friends, or even randos on the street (don't actually do that) and shop items similar to what they're wearing.

    8. Knot a plaid shirt around your waist with a solid-colored outfit for a little bit of pattern and a major cool factor.

    9. Find a few pieces of statement jewelry that really reflect your style, then work them into your looks as much as possible. It's amazing what a single necklace or pair of earrings can do.

    10. Or use statement-making makeup in a similar way. Add a unique touch to a basic outfit with major eye makeup or a bright lip color. If you're really feeling bold, rock colorful makeup with an already colorful outfit — just make sure it echoes or compliments the colors you're wearing.

    11. Make a top and bottom combo look a little less stuffy by only tucking in the front.

    12. Don't ever think that you can't pull off participating in a trend. Once a trend gets big enough, there are so many versions of it out there that you're bound to find a piece that fits your body, budget, and style. Look through magazines or the Gram and find a few trends that catch your eye, then try 'em out with a low-risk, super affordable version.

    13. Master the basics of pattern mixing, and don't be afraid to play around. Your leopard print flats and floral skirt are made to pair with wayyyy more than just basics (in fact, they'd probably be cute together).

    14. Or find a product that does the print-mixing work for you, like this cute striped-and-floral maxi dress.

    15. If your rut involves always reaching for the same jeans, give your outfits a ~leg~ up by swapping out your go-to denim for some cute cropped pants every once in a while.

    16. Hone in on your personal style with tips from The Curated Closet, a book designed to help you narrow down your wardrobe to outfits that truly feel like you. Because sometimes a style rut comes from having too many so-so options instead of a few truly fabulous ones.

    17. Use a belt to add interest to or break up a look.

    18. Add an extra rock-and-roll touch to ripped jeans by layering fishnets underneath.

    19. Play with proportions and show off your shoes by cuffing your jeans. Bonus: it'll disguise frayed hem and make an old pair look new.

    20. Make even the geekiest of graphic tees look all ~fashion~ by tucking them into a high-waisted skirt or pair of shorts.

    21. Let cool socks peek out from your shoes for an eye-catching, high-fashion touch.

    22. Add a fun hair accessory to your everyday do, be it some pretty pins in your go-to messy bun or a silky scrunchie to dress up a basic pony.

    23. Give an old go-to dress a fresh look (or make a revealing dress more wearable) by popping it over a basic crewneck tee.

    24. Work the same layering magic with a cute bra top, bustier, or bandeau. The sexiness of a skimpy top creates an especially fabulous contrast over a button-down, and it's a great way to make your going-out pieces work for every day.

    25. Don't pigeonhole pieces as just dressy or just casual. Rock a pair of heels with jeans or make an elegant dress more casual with sneakers. It's your wardrobe, so you don't have to wait for special occasions to wear your special pieces! You can do whatever the heck you want!

    26. Find a great pair of sunglasses you can pop on with every outfit to instantly add an "I'm a VIP" vibe to your look.

    27. Don't be afraid to try a coordinating set. They're actually super versatile, because you can also wear the pieces separately to create tons of different looks.

    28. Your fave bra doesn't have to be for your and bae's eyes only! Let a strappy or lacy bralette peek out from under a blazer or a low-cut top to lend an extra flirty touch to your outfit.

    29. Take advantage of the basically endless ways to style scarves, and remember: they're not just for your neck!

    30. Freshen up your everyday bag for less than the price of a new one by clipping on a cool patterned strap.

    31. If you only have one go-to occasion dress, treat yourself to a new one.

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