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    20 Awesome Things You Can Get From eBay For Under $10

    Pretty earrings, clever kitchen gadgets, sleek headphones, and more goodies you (and your wallet) will totally love.

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    When I think of eBay, I think of an online store with pretty much everything under the sun. The amount of stuff available can be kinda overwhelming. But did you know that there's an entire section devoted to helping you find awesome products for $10 or less?!?

    New Line Cinema

    Not only does this make browsing the online retailer way easier, but it's a great way to find things you need that are well within your budget or even just something fun to treat yourself to. So without further ado, here are just a few of the treasures that await:

    1. A three-in-one avocado tool plus two avocado-saving containers for those of you with an avocado obsession to rival that of Antoni Porowski.

    The tool can serve as a knife, scooper, and de-pitter, so you'll be ready to guac and roll.

    Price: $6.98.

    Find more under-$10 kitchen gadgets here.

    2. A layered necklace that just might start a very fashionable chain reaction.

    Price: $4.99.

    Find more under-$10 necklaces here.

    3. A pack of six syringe-shaped highlighters ready to give your notes a shot of color.

    Price: $5.16.

    Find more under-$10 pens here.

    4. A cool metallic eyelash curler that's (almost) as pretty as you are.

    Price: $7.40.

    Find more under-$10 beauty products here.

    5. An aww-worthy Totoro wallet perfect for stashing your money for the cat bus.

    Price: $9.75.

    Find more under-$10 Totoro goodies here.

    6. A stylish leopard scarf you'll be oh-so-glad you spotted.

    Price: $6.96.

    Find more under-$10 scarves here.

    7. Rose gold earbuds that'll look as good as your playlist sounds.

    Price: $6.99.

    Find more under-$10 headphones here.

    8. Two strands of remote-controlled string lights to light up your life.

    You can use the included remote to switch between eight light settings, brighten or dim the lights, and even set them on a timer.

    Price: $8.99.

    Find more under-$10 string lights here.

    9. A funky colorblocked backpack that's the definition of back-to-school cool.

    Price: $9.81.

    Find more under-$10 bags here.

    10. Posh AF cat-eye sunnies sure to have people saying, "You look meow-volous, darling."

    Price: $4.24 (available in 18 colors).

    Find more under-$10 sunglasses here.

    11. Gorgeous drop earrings everyone will think cost wayyyy more than they did.

    Price: $3.99 (available in five colors).

    Find more under-$10 earrings here.

    12. A handy apple corer that's practical and cheap, so it really reflects your core values.

    Price: $7.49.

    Find more under-$10 kitchen gadgets here.

    13. A bold nail art pen to give you the power to create a museum-worthy masterpiece right at your fingertips.

    Price: $4.48 (available in 10 colors).

    Find more under-$10 nail art products here.

    14. A sequined mermaid pillowcase that's so fun to play with, you'll definitely want it to be part of your world.

    Price: $4.98.

    Find more under-$10 pillows here.

    15. A mini mushroom Bluetooth speaker sure to earn you the reputation of being the most fun-guy at every party.

    Price: $9.50 (available in two colors).

    Find more under-$10 speakers here.

    16. Fun, food-themed socks that might actually make you want to put your foot in your mouth.,

    Price: Ramen or pancakes both $9.99.

    Find more under-$10 socks here.

    17. An adorable kitty-chen timer who's happy to let you know when it's time to paws what you're doing and take your food out of the oven.

    Price: $6.93.

    Find more under-$10 kitchen tools here.

    18. A powerful, natural clay mask that'll give your pores the deep clean they deserve.

    Read BuzzFeed's full write-up of this awesome mask.

    Price: $8.99 for one pound.

    Find more under-$10 face masks here.

    19. A colorful universal power bank you'll take absolutely everywhere.

    Price: $4.13+ (available in six colors).

    Find more under-$10 power banks here.

    20. Some gold-plated playing cards guaranteed to make your friends jealous, but they'll just have to deal with it.

    Price: $8.

    Find more under-$10 playing cards here.

    When I realize I can totally afford everything on this list:


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