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    26 Things Under $25 That'll Upgrade Your Life In 2019

    Water bottle cleaning tablets, a reading journal, sweats that are actually stylish, and more game-changing goodies to help this be your best year yet.

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    1. A clever tumbler to help you keep track of your water intake in the most satisfying of ways — just push one of the colorful rubber bands up to the top every time you drink the whole 20 oz. container!

    2. Some pimple-fighting patches for anyone who's ever wished they could apply a magic potion to zap their zits away instantly. This is about as close as you're gonna get.

    3. A pretty petticoat to give all your old fave dresses new life and some extra oomph.

    4. A bottle of micellar water that over 2,000 reviewers swear by for cleansing their face and removing their makeup quickly and gently, so they can go get some damn rest.

    5. Biodegradable, chlorine-free bottle cleaning tablets to get your go-everywhere container sparkling like new without leaving a gross, soapy aftertaste.

    6. A minimalist health tracking journal that's basically the easiest possible way to keep track of your New Year's health resolutions.

    7. A peppermint, spearmint, and lavender essential oil roll-on migraine-relief stick to make the new year wayyyyy less of a headache.

    8. A mini waffle stick maker, because name one thing that isn't better with waffles, I'll wait.

    9. LOL-worthy reminder notes you actually won't lose, since they're attached to your wrist. That annoying sound your phone reminders make? That's one thing you can forget.

    10. The Angry Mama, a quirky tool that'll get your microwave so spotless, your mom actually won't be angry next time she visits.

    11. A possibly perfect pair of fishnet tights if you're fishing for an easy and cheap way to step up your style.

    12. A super-portable jewelry stone cleaning stick that over 1,000 reviewers swear by for brightening their baubles.

    13. A quick and easy laundry folding board for anyone who's always sucked at folding shirts (same) or who's looking to get their chores done a little faster (so, everyone).

    14. A clever dish squeegee to make doing the dishes way less disgusting. Things I don't need more of in my life in 2019? Negativity and icky, wet food.

    15. 100 Things Every Homeowner Must Know, a book full of all the stuff you feel like you probably should know as a responsible adult but are afraid to ask, plus more advanced how-tos and diagrams.

    16. Stylish joggers that aren't regular sweats, they're cool sweats that you'll actually be proud to wear out of the house. Consider your weekend wardrobe officially upgraded.

    17. A genius food cubby finicky eaters will wonder how they lived their whole lives without.

    18. A comfy foot hammock that'll prove you don't have to be upgraded to first class to ride in luxury.

    19. A subscription to Care/of, which lets you customize daily vitamin packs with the supplements of your choice, plus your name and fun affirmations, facts, and quotes on each pack.

    20. An adorbs cable charm that will not only bring a smile to your face every time you use it, but can also help keep your cords from fraying.

    21. A clear bubble umbrella so you can see clearly even before the rain is gone. Keeping your face covered in a rainstorm without blocking the view of what's in front of you? Your old umbrella could never.

    22. A theraputic tea tree oil foot soak that is not only a relaxing treat for your tired tootsies, but can also accomplish feets like getting rid of stubborn cracks and fungus.

    23. An ingenious fold-out pouch to totally change the way you pack toiletries and jewelry — it unfolds into a mat so you can use your stuff without ever truly taking it out of its storage space. Here's to not losing things every time you travel in 2019.

    24. A fun palm peeler that'll actually make the prospect of prepping veggies a-peel-ing.

    25. A beginner menstrual cup for anyone who's dreaming of a 2019 (and 2020, and 2021...) without having to buy a single pack of pads or tampons.

    26. Embellished hair pins that'll make even the most basic outfits suddenly look glam and allow you to banish basic bobby pins for good.

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