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    26 Things Under $25 That'll Upgrade Your Life In 2019

    Water bottle cleaning tablets, a reading journal, sweats that are actually stylish, and more game-changing goodies to help this be your best year yet.

    We hope you love the products we recommend! All of them were independently selected by our editors. Just so you know, BuzzFeed may collect a share of sales or other compensation from the links on this page if you decide to shop from them. Oh, and FYI — prices are accurate and items in stock as of time of publication.

    1. A clever tumbler to help you keep track of your water intake in the most satisfying of ways — just push one of the colorful rubber bands up to the top every time you drink the whole 20 oz. container!


    One of the great things about this is that it allows you to mentally set and physically track your own personal daily intake goal based on your sex, weight, and lifestyle, as opposed to other products that hold you to a generalized, universal goal. Does it have more awesome features besides the genius bands, you ask? Why yes. It can be used with a straw or with a spill-proof lid when you're on the go, and the lid can be broken down into separate pieces to make cleaning way less annoying. Plus, it's double-walled to help keep your drink cool and prevent condensation.

    Promising review: "This is the best $11 I’ve ever spent. I used to hate drinking water throughout the day and could never remember to do it, but this bottle turns water intake into a game. I've increased my daily water intake by over five times my old amount without even thinking about it, and I feel so much happier and healthier. Don’t even think twice about this purchase. It is SO worth it!!!" —Anna

    Get it from Amazon for $10.09+ (available in four colors).

    2. Some pimple-fighting patches for anyone who's ever wished they could apply a magic potion to zap their zits away instantly. This is about as close as you're gonna get.


    Yes, the white stuff in the photo on the left was all the gunk living in that reviewer's pores. I've tried these and I never want to be without them again! They really help drain whiteheads, and even when a zit is too deep to get all the gunk out, these are great to pop on to prevent you from picking at it or just cover it up a bit. And the fact that you can see the what the patch has absorbed is just so disgustingly satisfying!

    Promising review: "These little dots of magic remove those big, erupting volcano pimples, or tiny, extremely painful ones. These patches are clear and painless. They come in different sizes and are barely noticeable when worn. They also stay in place really well. I’ve even left one on during a shower and it didn’t budge. The best results happen overnight. By morning the blemish is smaller, less red, and less painful. The great part is how it works. There’s no peeling or burning since it doesn’t contain salicylic acid. You’ll notice a 'center' start to form on the patch that's white or cloudy, and that’s how you know it’s doing it’s job. That center is the goopy stuff being drawn from the offending blemish. Clean your face, put a fresh patch on, and the next morning it’s gone." —Darci

    Get three packs of 24 from Amazon for $11.

    3. A pretty petticoat to give all your old fave dresses new life and some extra oomph.


    It's got over 4,000 positive reviews, and I can see why — look at the reviewer on the left's perfect, twirl-ready flare that I thought could only be achieved in the movies!!!!

    Promising review: "This is a fantastic petticoat. I'm a size 18/20 and I think the XL could even fit up to a 22/24. The sizing chart is spot on! There are two layers of chiffon-y material with a slip beneath that. The top has elastic at the waist, but there's also stretch to the material." —Sarida

    Get it from Amazon for $9.99+ (available in sizes S-4X and in 18 colors).

    4. A bottle of micellar water that over 2,000 reviewers swear by for cleansing their face and removing their makeup quickly and gently, so they can go get some damn rest.


    Finally, the product that'll obliterate all your excuses for not washing your face before bed.

    Promising review: "I'm a little late to the micellar water trend, but wow, I really love this product a whole lot. The first time I used it, it made my skin feel so soft and lovely compared to just my moisturizer alone. It has a neutral scent and is simple to use — you just put some on a cotton ball or pad and wipe your skin down, and that's it. It really does take off eye makeup well without burning your eyes or smearing it everywhere. And it's very gentle and soothing compared to almost every other cleanser/makeup remover I've ever used. I've used it every day for a couple of weeks and my skin feels so much better than before. I'm not a beauty guru or anything, just an average girl, and I was pretty blown away by the results after using this for a while. It's simple to use and feels nice. I'll definitely be buying it regularly." —Liz

    Get it from Amazon for $6.59.

    5. Biodegradable, chlorine-free bottle cleaning tablets to get your go-everywhere container sparkling like new without leaving a gross, soapy aftertaste.

    Raise your hand if cleaning your water bottle is one of your least fave chores, too? I feel like I hate it so much because I suck at it — I always use too much dish soap and can taste it no matter how much I rinse. But with these little babies, all you have to do is put one tablet and some warm water into your bottle and let it fizz all the ickiness away. The tablet will dissolve completely, so once you rinse it out, your bottle's all set to be used again!

    Promising review: "Can I give Bottle Bright 10 stars? This is a MIRACLE product. I saw it on Shark Tank last week and was really surprised that Lori was the only one that made them an offer (the other Sharks must not use Contigo travel mugs). I immediately ordered it to try and save my Contigo mug that I thought was too far gone. One 10 minute go-round with this product in warm water cleaned the dark brown layer of crud off the bottom of the mug, revealing perfect, shiny, good-as-new stainless steel underneath! I'd tried everything to get that off, but the shape of the bottle made it nearly impossible to scrub. With this product, it rinsed right off like it was nothing. I decided to try one more tablet with hot water and leave it overnight to get the stains off the sides of the bottle. This morning when I rinsed it out, I was absolutely blown away by how perfect it looks. I almost didn't want to put more coffee in it! Also, as the product was sitting and doing its thing in the water, there was no odor whatsoever, and there is absolutely no residual taste. I don't know how they did it, but this incredible product is a MUST-HAVE if you have a mug that you find impossible to clean!" —Erica C.

    Get a box of 12 tablets from Amazon for $7.99.

    6. A minimalist health tracking journal that's basically the easiest possible way to keep track of your New Year's health resolutions.


    I know — you don't have time to journal. Neither do I. That's why this thing is so great — it's got small, simple, at-a-glance spaces to record what you had for each meal, how much water you drank, what exercise you did, and how much sleep you got each day. Plus, at the end of each week there's space to reflect on how you're feeling, what your challenges were, and what you achieved, in case you do want to go more in-depth.

    Promising review: "I love this! I use it to track my migraines and see what habits may be helping or hurting. It's the perfect size for what I need." —Andrea Paulet

    Get it from Amazon for $14.95.

    7. A peppermint, spearmint, and lavender essential oil roll-on migraine-relief stick to make the new year wayyyyy less of a headache.

    Katy Herman/BuzzFeed, Yi Yang/BuzzFeed

    This is one of my favorite life upgrades I made last year. I get fairly frequent tension headaches, and I'm trying not to take ibuprofen quite as often. This stuff provides instant relief that mitigates my headache pain and can even vanquish tiny twinges. You just put a little on your temples and forehead and as much as you want on your neck, and it provides calming, cooling relief. I never leave home without it. Read my full review here.

    Get it from Amazon for $10.99.

    8. A mini waffle stick maker, because name one thing that isn't better with waffles, I'll wait.


    And the only thing better than waffles? Mini waffle sticks that are basically made for dipping in everything from syrup to Nutella.

    Promising review: "I don't normally rave about kitchen appliances, but I love this little guy! I impulse bought it after reading some reviews and craving waffles. It's seriously the best waffle maker I've ever used. We had a more expensive one that you'd flip to cook evenly, but this thing has that beat by a mile. I've used it a dozen times and the waffles come out perfect every time. I spray it with vegetable oil before pouring in a 1/3 cup of batter and then set a timer for four minutes. When I'm done, I just unplug it and let it cool, then wipe it off with a cloth." —leahas

    Get it from Amazon for $10.69.

    9. LOL-worthy reminder notes you actually won't lose, since they're attached to your wrist. That annoying sound your phone reminders make? That's one thing you can forget.


    My mom, one of the busiest and most organized people I know, has been using a similar product recently and loves them!

    Promising review: "So far I absolutely love the concept and (most of) the execution of these little notes. I found the link to them in a list of gag gifts for procrastinators, and immediately bought them for myself. They're incredibly useful! They look more professional than writing on the back of my hand, but are still a tad absurd, which is right up my alley." —Andi

    Get 100 sheets from Amazon for $8.95.

    10. The Angry Mama, a quirky tool that'll get your microwave so spotless, your mom actually won't be angry next time she visits.

    Just fill her with vinegar and water and turn on the microwave, and steam will come out of her head and after all those nasty stains!

    Promising review: "This works amazingly! Here are some before and after pictures; after using the Angry Mama I just wiped down the microwave with a damp cloth and it looked super clean!" —Claire Day

    Get it from Amazon for $7.45.

    11. A possibly perfect pair of fishnet tights if you're fishing for an easy and cheap way to step up your style.

    Katy Herman/BuzzFeed

    I'm a firm believer that fishnets should be regarded as more of a wardrobe staple than boudoir apparel. They add a cool twist to any outfit when you swap out your basic opaque black tights for them, and I especially love using them to give girly pieces an edge (see above). In the winter, I'm also a fan of layering them under ripped jeans! I personally think these fishnets are the best of the best. I usually get them from an iconic boutique in Chicago when I visit home (shout out to Beatnix!!!), but I'm so glad to have found them on Amazon for the next time I need a new pair. But that may not be for a while — I only just threw out my first pair that I got almost two years ago (yes, they were pretty dead, but the beauty of fishnets is that a rip or run here and there only adds to their character). They're super comfy and stretchy, and easy to wear all day.

    Get them from Amazon for $2.95+ (available in one size fits most for straight and plus sizes and in four colors).

    12. A super-portable jewelry stone cleaning stick that over 1,000 reviewers swear by for brightening their baubles.,

    Promising review: "This little pen brush is incredible! I wasn't sure if it would work well on my emerald engagement ring, since it's mostly advertised for diamonds, but I thought I'd give it a try. I have been wearing the ring since getting engaged in October, and even though I had it cleaned at the jeweler in April, it didn't seem as bright as it was when it was new. I thought it would just always be a little cloudy. But after cleaning it once with the Dazzle Stick I was blown away by the difference — it looks as bright and sparkly as when I first got it! The key was cleaning behind the setting, shoving the brush through the hole behind the stone. It took me less than a minute to clean and I can do it whenever I want! It's honestly better than when the jeweler cleaned it. So thrilled!" —KFray

    Get it from Amazon for $5.49.

    13. A quick and easy laundry folding board for anyone who's always sucked at folding shirts (same) or who's looking to get their chores done a little faster (so, everyone).


    Promising review: "I can't say enough about how much I love folding laundry with this. I had what would have been hours worth of laundry to fold, and this brilliant contraption came at the perfect time! I folded four loads in less than an hour, which seems impossible but it isn't with this thing! I've folded over 30 shirts, some hand towels, washcloths, and even long-sleeved shirts and pants! You can get creative with it and fold pretty much any item. You'll never know how badly you want and need this until you use it." —Mike

    Get it from Amazon for $10.99.

    14. A clever dish squeegee to make doing the dishes way less disgusting. Things I don't need more of in my life in 2019? Negativity and icky, wet food.


    One side is curved, so it works on bowls as well as plates!

    Promising review: "Very happy with this product! It works great for scraping food off of dishes and has already saved a bunch of water due to less rinsing." —Adam

    Get it from Amazon for $4.99.

    15. 100 Things Every Homeowner Must Know, a book full of all the stuff you feel like you probably should know as a responsible adult but are afraid to ask, plus more advanced how-tos and diagrams.


    It's got sections dedicated to understanding major stuff (like your plumbing system and water heater), little things you might never have thought of (like how to properly roll paint), safety tips, and how to hire the best experts for the jobs you can't DIY.

    Promising review: "I've only lived in apartments my whole life and my first home is a three-story colonial. I've never been really handy or knowledgeable about homes, so the idea of home maintenance in this large house was daunting, to say the least. I didn't even know how little I knew. I was pleasantly surprised by how many topics the book covers with handy tips, beginner-friendly instructions, and useful pictures and diagrams. My fiancé and I love it and will definitely be using this as a housewarming gift!" —KMena

    Get it from Amazon for $14.99+.

    16. Stylish joggers that aren't regular sweats, they're cool sweats that you'll actually be proud to wear out of the house. Consider your weekend wardrobe officially upgraded.


    Promising review: "Yeeessss, this is exactly the fit and material I wanted in joggers. I ordered a small and I'm 5'1, 130lbs, and usually a 4/6 in pants. The waist is a tiny bit snug, but everything else is super comfortable. The material is so soft and feels great on. My favorite part is the tapered leg that makes the pants edgier." —Liz

    Get them from Amazon for $15.99+ (available in sizes XS-XXL and in 35 styles).

    17. A genius food cubby finicky eaters will wonder how they lived their whole lives without.


    They attach to your plate via suction and are made of BPA-free silicone. These were actually invented by a kid, but some adults hate their food touching too, okay??? They're also super handy to use with foods that are hard to scoop up onto your fork.

    Get a pack of two from Amazon for $15.99 (available in two colors).

    18. A comfy foot hammock that'll prove you don't have to be upgraded to first class to ride in luxury.


    Getting off a long flight with stiff and swollen legs is sooooo 2018.

    Promising review: "Most of my flights are 10-12 hours long, and staying comfortable is a constant struggle. I recently tried this on a couple of shorter flights (three hours each) and was pleasantly surprised by how much more comfortable I felt. On one of the flights, I was seated in the middle seat. The footrest was completely unobtrusive to my surrounding passengers. The adjustable straps easily fit around the arms of the tray table of the seat in front of me. I kept the tray table up most of the time, and rested my feet flat with my knees bent. For the return flight, I adjusted the length as one would adjust the strap on a backpack and slid the footrest behind my calves, elevating my legs. It felt as if I were sitting in a recliner with my feet raised. I highly recommend trying this product, as it makes a ride in coach feel like first class. Update: Just returned from 10 hours of flying and was able to fall asleep using this footrest. I felt quite comfortable. Finding ways to sleep on a plane has been a long process of trial and error. With this footrest, I've finally solved my problem!" —Malia

    Get it from Amazon for $19.97 (available in three colors).

    19. A subscription to Care/of, which lets you customize daily vitamin packs with the supplements of your choice, plus your name and fun affirmations, facts, and quotes on each pack.

    Care/of, Emmy Favilla / BuzzFeed

    You can build your own pack or take the questionnaire about yourself and your health goals to get a recommended mix of supplements for you! When you made your resolution to get healthier this year, I betcha didn't think it would be this cute and easy.

    Check out BuzzFeed's full review of Care/of.

    Vitamins start at $5/month.

    20. An adorbs cable charm that will not only bring a smile to your face every time you use it, but can also help keep your cords from fraying.

    Rebecca O'Connell,

    They're compatible with iPhone lightning cables or other cords with a similar shape and size.

    Promising review: "This adorable little guy works perfectly! I hate having to buy new charging cords — they all seem to break down at the connector. I’ve had this little chomper for a couple of months and it's protecting my cable nicely. The price is great as well!" —Carolyn Timmerman

    Get an individual one for $4.99+ (available in 21 animals) or a set of four for $8.14+ (available in six combinations), both from Amazon.

    21. A clear bubble umbrella so you can see clearly even before the rain is gone. Keeping your face covered in a rainstorm without blocking the view of what's in front of you? Your old umbrella could never.


    Promising review: "I love this umbrella! I feel totally protected from the rain and wind with this umbrella. I'm not a small person, and this totally protects me. I like that it's see-through so I can look ahead while being totally protected from the stormy elements. It feels like it's pretty sturdy — most of the parts are plastic, so it probably won't last more than a season or two, but it was super affordable and adorable. I'll probably buy another one when it does wear out. So far, it's really good!" —Ginabobeeena

    Get it from Amazon for $14.

    22. A theraputic tea tree oil foot soak that is not only a relaxing treat for your tired tootsies, but can also accomplish feets like getting rid of stubborn cracks and fungus.

    Over 3,000 reviewers swear by it this stuff, which is made with sea salt, epsom salt, tea tree oil, and other essential oils. It claims to help with everything from discolored toenails to athlete's foot to dry skin to stinky feet.

    Promising review: "I bought this for toenail fungus, but what most impressed me was the change in my cracked heels. It was totally unexpected. The first pic is from three weeks after starting (I took the pic after I noticed the soak healing my deep cracks that I've had since my teens). The second one is two weeks later. I wish I'd known this would heal them, as I've been having pricey pedicures every few weeks for years in hopes of helping my problem. No more painful bleeding cracks." —June

    Get it from Amazon for $13.85.

    23. An ingenious fold-out pouch to totally change the way you pack toiletries and jewelry — it unfolds into a mat so you can use your stuff without ever truly taking it out of its storage space. Here's to not losing things every time you travel in 2019.


    It's also got a roomy zipper compartment for even more storage!

    Promising review: "This is a great little bag for traveling. I bought one for makeup and one for my jewelry. I put each piece of jewelry in an individual small plastic bag, and then into this travel bag. I can open it up and view the contents very easily. It takes up very little space and opens so that you aren't searching for that one particular item. Everything is in plain view. I highly recommend it!" —Debra J.

    Get it from Amazon for $8.49.

    24. A fun palm peeler that'll actually make the prospect of prepping veggies a-peel-ing.


    It's safe to wash on the top rack of the dishwasher, and it also has a handy potato-eye remover on the top!

    Promising review: "I have no skill whatsoever when it comes to cutting ANYTHING. I literally take half an hour to peel two potatoes, and that comes along with a risk of cutting myself. With this product, I can peel potatoes (and other veggies) in under five minutes." —Kevin

    Get it from Amazon for $5.69+ (available in two colors).

    25. A beginner menstrual cup for anyone who's dreaming of a 2019 (and 2020, and 2021...) without having to buy a single pack of pads or tampons.


    You can wear it for up to 12 hours at a time and it only needs to be emptied two or three times a day. It's hypoallergenic and claims to be less drying than a paper pad or tampon. Plus, it collapses compactly into the little included case, so it's super easy to stash in your bag. Oh, and did I mention you can wash and reuse it for up to TEN YEARS?!? Tampons, I'll see you in 2029. Or never.

    Get it from Intima for $19.96.

    26. Embellished hair pins that'll make even the most basic outfits suddenly look glam and allow you to banish basic bobby pins for good.


    Get a set of five from ModCloth for $15.

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