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    30 Things Every Type A Person Will Probably Want To Own

    A is for "absolutely awesome and amazing."

    We hope you love the products we recommend! All of them were independently selected by our editors. Some may have been sent as samples, but all opinions and reviews are our own. Just so you know, BuzzFeed may collect a share of sales or other compensation from the links on this page if you decide to shop from them. Oh, and FYI — prices are accurate and items in stock as of time of publication.

    1. A set of super-fine pens perfect for bullet journaling, color-coding, and giving your endless lists a little more ~pizazz~.

    2. Gorgeous folders featuring artwork of Black women kicking butt at work that'll do double duty — help keep your papers organized *and* get you inspired. Because couldn't these beautiful illustrations easily be portraits of you in your element?

    The three folders: a pink one with a stylishly dressed woman and the text "CEO mindset," a light blue one with a woman working on a tablet in bed and the text "goal getter," and a blue one with a woman working in an adorably decorated office

    3. Jumbo divider sticky tabs for notes that are so beautiful, you'll cry tears of joy. This is some organization porn so arousing, Instagram might ban it.

    4. The planner of your dreams, which has over 3,500 positive reviews and daily, weekly, and monthly pages to log everything from tasks to goals to what you're grateful for.

    5. A simple-but-brilliant clean/dirty dishwasher magnet so all the hard work you put into keeping the kitchen clean won't be in vain because your roommate threw their icky cereal bowl in with the dishes you JUST. FREAKING. WASHED.

    The small octagonal magnet that says "CLEAN" when flipped one way and "DIRTY" when flipped the other

    6. A box of work-themed affirmation cards for days when you need a little extra motivation or help getting back on track. Admit it — even you have your off days.

    7. A motivational mug declaring your personal motto. Go ahead, treat yo' self to it.

    The mug reading "Be the Leslie Knope of whatever you do"

    8. Or a sticker of another fabulous type A sitcom heroine appreciating one of the finer things in life.

    A sticker of Amy Santiago from "Brooklyn Nine-Nine" smelling a Conflict Resolution binder with the text "New binder smell" on a water bottle

    9. An adhesive, dry erase calendar to map out your week or month and let you keep track of your meticulously crafted plans at a glance.

    10. A waterproof notepad for recording all of your vitally important shower thoughts, because your brain never really shuts off. Yes, I would love to belt out some T-Swift while I lather up, but how can I when I'm planning out my next three months of work???

    A hand writing on the notepad suction cupped to the shower wall

    11. An expanding document organizer that'll accommodate your seemingly endless pile of papers (up to 150-200 sheets!!!!) and look cute doing it, too.

    12. A hilarious dad cap embroidered with a message you have definitely sent more than once to those less grammar-conscious folks in your life.

    teal baseball cap with white text that reads "you're*"

    13. A simple yet revolutionary habit calendar designed to help you finally do all the stuff you keep saying you're gonna do — and track your progress in a very satisfying way. It's got 12 months' worth of planning pages with space to track daily, weekly, and monthly habits and goals to help you be your most badass self.

    14. A divided laundry hamper to save you precious time that would otherwise be spent sorting. It'll also rescue you from a roommate who — *shudder* — just tosses everything in the washer willy-nilly.

    Four images showing a model filling the gray double hamper, unhooking the liner tote bag, pulling it out, and taking it to the washer

    15. Some quill-like pens so you can channel your inner Hermione while jotting down your plans (which are set in ink, not pencil, duh).

    16. Or a very accurate T-shirt paying homage to the other literary queen of type A folks everywhere, Annabeth Chase.

    17. The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up, the iconic Marie Kondo's bestselling book that will take even the most organized people to the next level of neatness. Just watching the Netflix show wasn't enough for you — you want to savor Marie's every word.

    The book cover

    18. Mr. Clean Magic Erasers, for those of you who get a huge thrill out of running around the house removing every scuff and speck of grime with a miraculous little sponge.

    19. A multipurpose organizer to hang by your front door so you never have to worry about forgetting anything (keys, mask, mail, etc.) ever again. Plus, it's got plenty of space to do your favorite thing — write down reminders!

    20. A cheeky-yet-practical magnetic meal planner pad for the most important list of all: what to eat. And you have a lot of important lists, so that's saying something.

    21. A folding lap desk that'll allow you to get stuff done from the comfort of your bed. If being able to do work literally anywhere were considered a superpower, you'd have had at least three Marvel movies made about you by now.

    A model using the the folding desk in silver to hold a laptop and coffee mug while sitting in bed

    22. A handy little gadget designed to ensure you never accidentally forget about your furry friend (and so you can stop second guessing whether or not you did when they give you those puppy dog eyes).

    23. A desktop punching bag perfect for releasing the rage you feel when someone tells you to "relax."

    A hand punching the bag, which is attached to the top of a desk

    24. Cable clips so you won't get your wires crossed. That kind of clutter is for type B people.

    25. A multifunction pocket tool to keep on hand, because Scar may have been evil and all, but he had a point — you should always BE PREPARED.

    The tool sliding into a wallet pocket

    26. A Command sponge caddy, because it would incredibly off-brand for you to leave the grossest thing in you kitchen out for the world to see (or worse, in the sink collecting more gunk). You're a firm believer in a place for everything and everything in its place.

    27. A classic leather band watch so you'll look extra sharp while being extra early to every event. The face even shows the date, because you're obviously the person who everyone asks for that crucial info when they forget.

    28. A simple but still perfectly prioritized pad of sticky notes here to remind you not to overwhelm yourself. It lets you pick the top three most important tasks of the day and leaves plenty of room to jot down notes and details about 'em. Yes, remember — even *you* can't do everything all at once.

    The mint green pad with three spaces and the heading "Today's top three"

    29. A subscription to Busy Bee Stationery, a monthly shipment of adorable pens, notebooks, stickers, planners, tape, and other goodies to help you achieve the desktop of your dreams.

    30. And a cozy sweatshirt that just about sums it up.

    A gray pullover sweatshirt with white and pink text reading "To be clear I'm in charge"

    Ahhhh, the sweet smell of organization.

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