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    27 Products I Don't Understand How You've Lived Your Whole Life Without

    From an adjustable vase to a bidet to a pet costume sure to deliver laughs, you're gonna wish you had all these finds, like, yesterday.

    1. Color-changing (and therefore game-changing) UV-sensitive stickers that turn purple in the sunlight, clear when you apply sunscreen, and back to purple when it's time to reapply. In other words, these little dots are the solution you've been searching for for a sunburn-free summer.

    reviewer with one of the dot stickers on their shoulder and the sticker is purple
    same reviewer with sticker turned clear

    Promising review: "Easy to use and effective. Just used this product on a recent trip to Florida. I made sure to wash my skin before application and it lasted about two days on my skin without coming off. When out of the sun or behind UV glass, like in a car, the spot turns clear. As soon as you step into the sun it turns purple. If you use a sunblock it starts to become clear or semi clear. After being on the beach and having gone into the water a few times the spot started turning purple and I applied sunblock again. In a minute the spot was clear again. So this is very effective In alerting me when to reapply." —RGTorque

    Get two packs of 16 from Amazon for $25.99.

    2. Bissell Stomp 'N Go pet stain lifting pads you can, yes, oh-so-satisfyingly stomp on to lift both new *and* old stains out of your carpet. In other words, they'll pick up the remaining stains from the coffee you spilled yesterday *and* the scene of the great puppy potty training failure of 2020. 

    line of several of the pads being used to pick up major pet stains from carpet
    rug with coffee stain then stain gone

    Promising review: "I never ever write reviews for anything, but I just had to write one for these. I have ordered three boxes already and will continue to order them forever. We have two dogs and one of them will get sick or have an accident in the house a few times a month. I've used all kinds of carpet cleaner as well as the SpotBot, but they never seemed to really get the stains out. I bought these on a whim because I was desperate to find something that might work and guess what? THEY WORKED! No joke, every stain I have put these on has come out of the carpet just by this pad sitting on the stain for around 24 hours. I have told everyone I know about these and have heard great things from them as well. If you are on the fence, just give them a try! I hope they work as well for you as they have for me!" —Angela Mimm

    Get a pack of 20 from Amazon for $24.99.

    3. An ingenious adjustable vase, because now that I think about it, it seems downright silly to need multiple vases or have to trim every lovely bouquet to fit the one you have. Just slide this up and down for a minimal-chic complement to whatever length stems you wanna display. 

    flowers in reviewer's vase which has glass base and adjustable gold tone sides
    diagram of how height can be adjusted

    Promising review: "Super cool vase that I originally saw on TikTok. It's been sold out everywhere but I managed to snag it from Amazon a few weeks ago for a friend's belated birthday gift. It arrived quickly and securely packaged. The vase is really cool, the glass portion is very sturdy, and the metal portion of the vase seems very strong. It takes a little bit of strength to raise and lower the metal portion. The brass is very light and looks closer to a brushed gold. The recipient was very happy with her gift! 10/10!" —Alexa Clark

    Get it from Amazon for $46.

    4. Cult-fave kitchen brand Our Place's chic ovenware set complete with three baking dishes, a reusable oven mat, *and* a sheet pan that — get this — can double as a griddle on the stovetop! The whole set can easily be stacked and stored together, too. TL;DR: If you're looking for efficiency in the kitchen, look no further.

    the set in peach stacked together with three different size baking dishes on the oven pan
    gray oven pan being used as a griddle to make breakfast
    off white baking pan with checkered pattern baking sheet on it
    Our Place

    Read more about why BuzzFeed editors are obsessed with this multitasking, aesthetically pleasing kitchen brand here.

    Get it from Our Place for $195 (available in five colors).

    5. Hero Cosmetics Force Shield Superfuel Serum Stick, aka a roll-on serum that cools, hydrates, and helps keep your skin looking its strong, healthy, and glowing best. 

    model applying the stick
    hands rolling up the stick

    Hero Cosmetics is a cult-fave, Asian-owned skincare brand primarily known for their pimple patches.

    Promising reviews: "Since I’ve bought it and started using it my acne has stopped appearing and it helped get rid of it. ITS SOO GOOD AND LIGHTWEIGHT." —Amando

    "My new daily face serum. It’s only been a few days since I’ve started using this, but I swear my skin is GLOWING! This doesn’t leave your face feeling tight or tacky, which I love. Moisturizes and feels great putting it on. Love the roll on! I don’t dislike the smell, but it reminds me of Vicks VapoRub." —Riley and Madi

    Get it from Amazon for $12.99 (or $11.69 with the Subscribe & Save option).

    6. An amazing callus remover gel if you're interested in giving your tootsies a Mia Thermopolis-level makeover. Just give 'em a nice soak in hot water, dry off, and apply this miracle stuff, and let it sit for 5–10 minutes. Rinse it off, and finish with your go-to foot scrubber tool, then prepare to be left with (basically) whole new feet.

    Promising review: "Used for the first time today. Other reviews suggested wearing gloves, and I don’t have any, so I just tied a plastic bag over my hand, worked fine for me. My feet were terrible, flaky and caked with dead skin. So I soaked my feet for 10 minutes, applied the gel, let that sit for five minutes, soaked feet again, and used a foot scraper thingy. I’m happy with the results. I can’t wait to not have those lines on the bottom of my feet." —Esineda

    Get it from Amazon for $13.87.

    7. Legend-wait-for-it-dary Goo Gone adhesive remover, which, well, gets goo gone! You know that tape or adhesive decor that *promised* it wouldn't leave residue but definitely lied? This'll banish said gunk for good, plus help you remove stubborn stickers as well as grease, glue, gum, wax, and crayon and marker marks.

    residue left behind from reviewer removing adhesive backsplash
    same wall section with adhesive residue almost entirely gone

    Promising review: "I bought this to deal with stickers that I cannot remove from my potted plants. I would try everything: warm water, scraping them off, etc., and there would always be a little stickiness left on the sides of the plant pots. The Goo Gone immediately removed all the offending sticker bits. I since have used it for a variety of things: removing stickers from shoes, various plastics, even glass. Where this product really came in handy in an unexpected way was cleaning the top of my kitchen cabinets. The previous homeowner had not cleaned the tops of the cabinets in the kitchen before moving, possibly ever, and there was a nasty, thick layer of grime coating the top that was composed of a mixture of dust & grease from cooking, among who knows what else. I tried cleaning it with a rag and Pine-Sol, hot water, Clorox wipes, etc. and nothing could adequately remove the layer of grossness. Finally, I had the bright idea to try this stuff, and it vastly improved the removal of gunk. After getting the main layer off, I was able to clean it with other cleaning products. Seriously, at least for that instance and general sticker removal from products, 5/5 stars." —FlowersInSpring

    Get it from Amazon for $7.57.

    8. Amazing double-sided food coloring pens, each with a fine and a thick tip, to help you create all sorts of edible works of art. Because if you decorate 'em right, maybe no one will notice you accidentally added twice the recommended amount of salt to those cookies!

    brown pink purple blue dark and light green yellow orange red and two black pens
    gorgeous floral cookies decorated with pens

    Promising review: "I bought these some days ago and I'm very happy with this purchase. I love that there are so many colors in the pack, especially two blacks. These markers worked really well. The double-sided tips are perfect because you have the option of using a fine point or one with the right amount of thickness without having to use two different markers. Super easy to use, just like a regular pen. My daughter really enjoyed playing with them as well. Colors are vibrant as you can see by the picture. Will definitely purchase them again!" —thirdtuck

    Get a set of 11 from Amazon for $13.45.

    9. Aromatherapy shower steamers if you love the idea of bath bombs, but with one small caveat — you don't actually take a lot of baths. These'll give you all the same aromatherapy goodness during your morning shower.

    Promising review: "I recently moved into a new apartment that had no bathtub. Normally after work to unwind I use a bath bomb and take a hot bath, which now I cannot! I did some research and found these shower soothers!! The smell is great, even better to unwind than taking a bath!!! Will continue to use and buy them!! The little box they come in is also adorable!!!! I can't wait to come home from work and use them everyday!!!!! Love the lavender one! Also really helped with my stuffy nose!!!!" —Emmy

    Get a set of six from Amazon for $15.99+ (available in two scent combinations).

    10. Alleyoop's clever Multi-Mood lippie, which allows you to pick your fave everyday shade and then provides it in gloss, cream *and* matte versions. Your signature trio can be kept all together in the cute packaging, or you can pull just one out to keep on hand for the day.

    product with three tubes of red lippie stored together
    model wearing mauve shade in gloss cream and matte

    This awesomeness is also cruelty- and paraben-free and vegan! Honestly, I'm fascinated by all the clever, time-saving beauty tools from this woman-founded brand — they look so cool and would totally upgrade your routine. Also, how did no one think of them till now?!?

    Promising review: "My go-to! I tend to switch between matte, glossy, and creamy lip finishes so this 3-in-1 is the perfect product for me. I also have sensitive skin and none of the formulas irritate my lips. So nice you can take one or all three with you on the go! Highly recommend :)" —Olivia R.

    Get it from Alleyoop for $32 (or $27.20 with a subscription; available in four colors).

    11. A brilliantly designed pill organizer that puts all other pill organizers to shame. It's got removable compartments for each day (in other words, no need to schlep the whole thing for a weekend trip), and each of those compartments are divided into a.m. and p.m. sections. No more forgetting to pack *or* take your meds with this baby.

    reviewer holding clear case with rainbow round smaller cases for each day of the week
    reviewer holding purple saturday pill case divided into day and night

    Promising review: "Perfect for people on the GO! I'm active duty Navy. I take BC, fish oil, vitamin C, calcium 600, and MG. BC has to be every day at the same time, and sometimes, I leave the house before then. It's nice to just take the individual day container with me, and take it at the appropriate time. Most of my vitamins have to be taken twice a day, so this is an easy way to remember if I did or not. Refill on Saturday night and set for the whole week!" —samantha

    Get it from Amazon for $9.99 (available in seven colors).

    12. An exfoliating, dermaplaning touch-up razor you can use to remove dead skin and peach fuzz or even touch up your eyebrows. A whopping 117,000+ people have rated them 5 stars, so chances are you will too.

    peach fuzz and dead skin a reviewer removed with the tool
    the reviewer's face before, with peach fuzz
    reviewer's face with peach fuzz removed and skin looking smoother

    Promising review: "Super easy and satisfying to use — you’re literally scraping all of the peach fuzz and dead skin off your face. The first photo shows all of the stuff that this product took off my face, and the second two photos are the before and after I used this product. My face is glowing and incredibly soft now. Highly recommend." —Jane

    Get a pack of three from Amazon for $4.50.

    13. An absolutely incredible Dolly Parton mug that you can straight-up hear — it'll have Dolly singing to you in your head each morning to start your day. And it will also have you begging your roommates not to take it just because they can.

    pink and white mug with dolly's face and the text
    Always Fits

    Always Fits is a wonderfully quirky small biz based in Massachusetts with a huge selection of cheeky and pop-culture-inspired gifts.

    Get the 15 oz. size from Always Fits for $29.95 (also available in an 11 oz. size that's currently backordered).