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23 Products Anyone Who Lives Alone Will Want To Buy ASAP

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We hope you love the products we recommend! Just so you know, BuzzFeed may collect a share of sales from the links on this page.

We asked the BuzzFeed Community to tell us about the things that make living alone easier for them. Here are their life-changing suggestions.

1. A gadget to help you accomplish one of the hardest adulting tasks: opening a damn jar.

"Three things have been essential to my survival: my dog, a trusted neighbor, and a jar opener." — mhutchinson317

You can affix this one under your cabinets, so it's perfect for small kitchens where storage space is limited.

Get it from Amazon for $15.95.

2. A webcam that lets you check on and even interact with your pet when they're the ones who are home alone.

"I live alone in an apartment and I have a dog. I got a doggie camera so I can check on her when I’m away. It’s been the best thing! I always stress about her eating something she shouldn’t or about something crazy happening, like her getting her collar stuck in the curtains (which has happened). So I blew some money on a camera from Amazon and it's been amazing. I can see her and talk to her through it." — lauras45b1238b0

This one even dispenses treats! Plus, friends and family can download the app to interact with your pet as well.

Get it from Amazon for $160.05 or from Walmart for $139.99.


3. A sneaky way to hide your keys like a secret agent. Kim Possible's got nothing on you.

"Find somewhere to hide an extra key. Pop your key in a ziplock bag or one of those fake rocks with a cavity inside, and put it somewhere out of the way where no one else will accidentally come across it. I started doing this when I locked myself out once at 10:00 at night — I was not dressed for the weather and I had to wait three hours for my landlord to show up to let me in. Lesson learned!" — grant101010

Get it from Amazon for $6.99.

4. A toolbox so you can be independent AF.,

"I stock it with different sizes of screwdrivers, a drill, hammer, a few pairs of pliers, some nails, screws, and wall anchors. It's nice knowing I could fix a few small things on my own, instead of having to call my landlord to fix a loose door hinge or loosen a stuck window." — grant101010

Get a 39-piece tool set from Amazon for $14.99. Get a drill kit for $49.99.

5. An essential oil diffuser to help you keep calm and carry on.

"I went through a period where I was having panic attacks any time I tried to fall asleep. I bought an essential oil diffuser that had a colored light function and it really helped!" — Brittany Morgan, Facebook

This one doubles as a humidifier and is very quiet, perfect for using while you snooze.

Get it from Amazon for $31.99+ (available in four finishes) or get a similar one from Walmart for $25.99.

6. A good ol' fashioned ink-and-paper address book, so you always know who you can call.

"It's useful in the event that your cell phone gets lost/stolen/broken, or if you change carriers and your contacts don’t switch to your new phone. I’m horrible at memorizing numbers, so having one was helpful." — Bryanna Niswonger, Facebook

Get this cute floral one from Amazon for $15.95 (also available in marble print), Walmart for $14.36, or Jet for $14.36.


7. Amazon Echo, because who needs a roommate when you've got Alexa?,

"For me, what makes living alone easier is Alexa. I ask her to play music while I cook or clean, to set timers, to send messages to my sister, and even to tell me jokes or fun facts. I like that you can say something and get feedback if you want it." — whitneykat-niph

"I use my Amazon Echo Dot to blast my music while I’m cleaning or to listen to the news as I’m cooking breakfast!" — emjovial

Get the Amazon Echo Dot for $49.99, or the full size Echo for $99.99.


11. This zipper extender, because seriously who decided dresses should take two people to put on?!?!

"It allows you to zip your own dresses in the back without dislocating your shoulder." — kakq4d

Get the Zipper Genie from Amazon or Walmart for $19.96 (available in four colors)

12. Two words: "My vibrator."

14. And if you want to eat said cookies in bed (and we know you do), this cute little ladybug vacuum will make cleanup a breeze.

"I have a habit of chilling and snacking while in bed, but the crumbs were making it kind of hard to sleep comfortably (you could never brush them ALL off). I got a small tabletop vacuum and it's amazing. I leave it on my bedside table and use it whenever I've been snacking in bed. It sucks up everything quickly so I can go to sleep with no crumbs, and I don't have to sweep the floor as often."


Get it from Amazon for $8.49.


15. A step stool so you never need to ask your tall neighbor for help.

"I’m only five feet tall and I live in an apartment with relatively high ceilings, cabinets, and closets. My Cosco step stool is my best friend." — ginab46fb3b2be

Get it from Amazon for $23.98 or Jet for $29.15.

16. A lift top coffee table that not only looks sleek but is also your dinner-and-a-movie BFF.

"It makes eating a legit dinner on the couch (in front of the TV) much easier. I felt silly eating by myself at my dining table, but trying to balance a plate and a bowl on the couch was not working. Before I got one, I would end up sitting on the floor to eat off of my coffee table." — e4fe794c60

Get it from Amazon, Walmart, or Jet for $129.99.

17. Plants, which are scientifically proven to be mood boosters (plus, they're pretty).

"I think houseplants are a must. They add so much to a space: they clean the air, they are their own decoration, and they give you sense of accomplishment when you help something grow and prosper. There are also so many easy ones that require little or no care. My place is full of them." — Jonathan Billingsley, Facebook.

If you suck at growing things like me, try some hard-to-kill succulents. Get a set of five from Amazon for $13.99.

18. This cute way to remember your keys that's so effective, you won't be able to stop tweeting about it.

"Find a way to keep your keys right by the door so you don't forget them. If you don't have a roommate to let you in, you really don't want to lose those, or else you'll end up climbing through the window." — bekoconnell

This little house is made of all recycled materials, mounts on the wall, and comes with a bird keyring that doubles as a whistle. Yay for safety!

Get it from Amazon for $5.95 (also available in pink and green).


19. Face masks for pampering yourself like the VIP that you are.

"I recommend spa-quality face masks, like GlamGlow or Dr. Brandt. Self-care is so important because it’s easy to think you’re alone because something is wrong with you. Nothing is wrong, you’re just too damn fabulous for the rest of them. Treat yo self." — Elva Vasquez

Get a GlamGlow Bubblesheet mask from Sephora or Birchbox for $9. Get a 1.4 ounce bottle of Dr. Brandt Oxygen Facial from Amazon for $29.95, Walmart for $28.95, or Jet for $38.78.

20. A door jam to keep you feeling secure.

"For safety, I bought a door jam last year. I shove it under my front door every night. As long as your door swings inside, you're good. It was cheap, too." — Samantha C. Sullivan, Facebook

Get it from Amazon for $17.11.

21. A body pillow that is even snugglier than an actual person and — bonus — won't hog the covers.

"I grew up with family around me all the time and a bunch of animals, so moving out and on my own was definitely a BIG change. But my full body body pillow makes me feel EXTREMELY safe and like I don't have to get up to check the apartment locks every five minutes." — gabbylilli

Get it from Amazon for $109.95 or Jet for $111.92.

22. Instant-gratification delivery services like Amazon Prime Now, which can be total lifesavers.

"So often, I'm home and I need something but can't or don't want to run out. Prime Now or Postmates is a huge, huge help. Also, find out which local pharmacies deliver. There's nothing worse than having to go out when you're sick to get medicine, or if you're too sick to go out, to be stuck without it. I've called my local pharmacy and gotten Pepto-Bismol and ginger ale, or cold medicine and tissues, delivered within the hour." — toujoursmoimeme

Get Amazon Prime for $10.99/month.


23. And finally, the most common response we received was...get a pet!!!

"A doggo, of course! For protection and cuddles." — victorias4cf912b70

"A cat or 5..." — colleenm416a7abc0

"Having a dog makes it a lot easier for me. He makes me actually leave my apartment every day to walk him and he keeps me company."


"Hands down my dog is the most important thing. It's nice to have a 'roommate.' She gives me snuggles and she makes me feel safe at night." — michelleaforeman

Adopt a furry roommate from the North Shore Animal League or another shelter near you.

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