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    28 Pieces Of Clothing That'll Make You Think "Damn That's Cute, Amazon"

    Everyone will wanna know where you got 'em, and be surprised by the answer.

    We hope you love the products we recommend! All of them were independently selected by our editors. Just so you know, BuzzFeed collects a share of sales and/or other compensation from the links on this page. Oh, and FYI — prices are accurate and items in stock as of time of publication.

    Unless otherwise specified, all sizes in this post are listed in women's.

    1. A boho ruffled dress that practically comes with a dramatic entrance and plenty of compliments included free of charge.

    2. A pretty polka dot skirt in an autumnal hue with a midi hemline but maximum style.

    3. An elegantly embroidered fit-and-flare dress you're sure to get sew many compliments on.

    4. A tartan-talizingly cute double-breasted blazer that could easily pass for triple the price and will make even distressed denim look super polished.

    5. An embroidered velvet tunic dress just perfect for pairing with your favorite boots. I have a good feeling they're gonna be BFFs.

    6. A trendy denim overall dress that looks like something you might find at Madewell or Topshop for way more moolah.

    A model wearing the midi-length, button front dress in the dark wash with their hand in one of the side pockets

    7. A high-waisted velvet bra and undies set sure to have you posing in the mirror like the hottie that you are (and have your S.O. thinking you spent major $$$ on a new bedroom outfit).

    8. An adorable star sweater for anyone who's interested in having the best errands outfit on their next grocery store run for only $30. Sound like anyone you know?

    9. A glam graphic tee so you can technically "put on" makeup even for a lazy day at home. And this tee dressed up with a skirt? *Chef's kiss from a pink-lipsticked mouth*.

    10. A polka dot T-shirt dress that's equal parts cute and comfy AND has pockets, so I'm really not sure what more you could ask for.

    11. A sheer peplum blouse you can effortlessly pop over a cami or fave bralette for a smoking hot look.

    12. A luxe metallic midi skirt begging to breathe life into your quote unquote "boring" tops. Can't you hear it calling "pretty pleats"?

    13. A super soft and stylish leopard panel fleece you can pull on with pretty much any bottoms (yes, including sweats) for an absolutely purrr-fect weekend OOTD.

    14. A ruffled gingham mini skirt that actually is here to make friends — with all your sweaters and tights, that is. Heck, it's posh enough you could probably hand it to Blair Waldorf, tell her you got it at Bergdorf's, and she'd pop it on.

    15. Breezy wide-leg pants who heard you were thinking of wearing jeans today and laughed in your face. These are sooooo much more fun.

    16. An adorable knit sweater so you can literally wear your heart on your sleeve (and look dang adorable doing it, too).

    17. A faux-wrap floral dress to have everything coming up roses, even now that it's too chilly for most of the sleeveless floral dresses in your closet.

    18. A boho tunic dress, which I'm not saying you HAVE to pair with a floppy hat, hoop earrings, and boots for a vibe that's ~a little bit Alexis~, but am definitely saying you should.

    19. An oversized denim shirt embroidered with your favorite breed of pup that's sure to make you smile daily. You're gonna have a ~ruff~ time finding a cuter shirt than this.

    20. A sexy and strappy lace-trimmed cami you can definitely afford to treat your wardrobe to, even if you're strapped for cash.

    21. A lightweight open-front sweater that's not a regular cardigan, it's an embellished cardigan. The boho ruffles, stitching, and trim are a bonus tas-selling point.

    22. An OMG-worthy blouse printed with animal friends so you can be true to your unique style while still looking put-together enough for an important Zoom meeting.

    23. An on-trend yet timeless windowpane-print turtleneck dress that'll make picking an OOTD way less of a ~pane~.

    24. A polished jumpsuit with metallic buttons that are basically like having jewelry already built in.

    A reviewer wearing the short puff-sleeve jumpsuit with gold buttons on the right side of the chest in black

    25. A high-neck and high-fashion ruffle-trimmed frock that's perfect for fall and instantly Insta-worthy — just add statement earrings.

    26. Glam faux-leather leggings, which could easily pass for a pricey pair and will make everything — from sweaters to tees to dressy blouses — look about a zillion times more posh.

    27. A chic and shockingly budget-friendly lace dress that, sure, would be great in warmer temps, but would also be amazing layered with a black moto jacket, tights, and booties while it's chilly right hecking now.

    28. A wonderfully wild animal print blouse sure to turn heads, whether you rock it with jeans or tuck it into a skirt.

    Realizing how many cute clothes are available on Amazon:

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