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    25 LOL-Worthy Father's Day Gifts For Dads With A Sense Of Humor

    Dads — a species known for being so humorous, they have jokes named after them.

    1. Does It Fart?: The Definitive Field Guide to Animal Flatulence, because your dad may know a lot of things, but I'm willing to bet that he does not yet have an extensive knowledge of which animals pass gas and which do not. That's about to change, my friend.

    2. An honest mug to remind him of what really matters in life.

    3. Or a mug with an equally accurate message to celebrate how amazing you both are.

    4. Fun socks he can wear under even his most basic dad outfits (you know, those jeans he's had since 1985, sneakers, and a half-zip sweater) for a personal touch that'll make him smile all day.

    5. A mouthwatering mousepad to make his desk way less boring and serve as a constant reminder that he has a ~pizza~ your heart.

    6. A classic dad joke tee you can give him as revenge for all the times he actually pulled this crap on you.

    7. Or a card with a similar theme, for the dad you sometimes regret teaching how to text.

    8. An on-the-toilet golf set to ~put~ a little extra fun into his overlong bathroom breaks.

    9. An OMG-worthy cooler bag that'll make darn sure no one at work tries to steal his lunch.

    10. A rock 'n' roll card for any dad who's jealous that mamas tend to get more attention in the lyrics of iconic ballads.

    11. A wonderfully ridiculous travel pillow covered in pictures of you (or your mom, or his dog, or even his favorite celeb) so he can show off his loved ones to random people on the train, or at the airport, or in his office...face it, he'll talk about you everywhere he goes.

    12. A vegan soy candle that really captures the true meaning of Father's Day.

    13. A sweary oven mitt for the pops you can always count on to whip up a delicious dinner (and curse loudly when he forgets he left something on the stove).

    14. A bottle of "You Smell Nothing, Jon Snow," toilet spray any dad who loves GOT will find useful, even (and perhaps especially) if he thought the finale ~stunk~.

    15. A book of 101 dad jokes, which might be the most unselfish gift you could possibly give him. On the one hand, it pains you to provide him with more terribly cheesy material, but on the other it's worth it to see his huge smile.

    16. A quirky, wall-mounted razor holder I mustache that you purchase for your dad ASAP.

    17. An NSFW four-letter word puzzle if your dad often uses expletives to share a ~piece~ of his mind.

    18. A bouquet of clip-in beard flowers to help him go above and beyond your ~garden variety~ facial hair.

    19. A squirrel in underpants air freshener who is ready to be the ~butt~ of your dad's next quip — after all, he just needs somewhere to put his nuts.

    20. A clever ray gun-shaped nose and ear hair trimmer that'll transform his otherwise snooze-worthy grooming routine into a total ~blast~.

    21. A convincing prank box for an absurd nonexistent product that you can wrap your actual gift inside. No matter how basic your real gift is (a tie! again!), wrapping it in this will make it unforgettable.

    22. Jean-ius muffin baking cups for a pops who loves baking and dad jeans in equal measure.

    23. A cheeky pin that's perfect if your dad always tries his best to be up on the latest slang, but you drew the line at trying to explain to him what BDE actually is.

    24. Or a cool sweatshirt that's equally great for dads who have adopted millennial acronyms as though they were their very own.

    25. A set of LOL-worthy beer bottle labels, because the only thing your dad would love more than a cold beer at the end of a long day is a cold beer combined with a sassy (but not wrong) note from you.

    Sorry, other dads. No dad is as funny as yours.

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