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    47 Of The Best Father's Day Gifts Of 2019

    The greatest doo-dads, gizmos, and other Father's Day gifts for the best dad ever!

    1. A fill-in-the-blank book so you can tell your dad just how much you love him, one strong verb at a time. Just know there's a HIGH chance of dad tears upon opening.

    2. A jerky gift box because nothing says "Thank you for everything you've done for me" like a package of cured meats.

    3. A Death Star mold that will make the coolest ice cubes (or chocolate! or anything!) in the galaxy.

    4. A personalized photo desk calendar so he can be surrounded by photos of his awesome family even as he toils at work all day. DEF include the embarrassing photo of him with a terrible sunburn from summer vacation 2009, it'll be hilarious.

    5. An old school game of Risk. I've never met a father who didn't hold this weekend-eating game of world domination close to his heart.

    6. An adjustable baseball cap because hey — they're not called "dad hats" for nothin'.

    7. A bottle of Mike's Hot Honey he'll want to put on literally everything from now until eternity. And if your dad's name is actually Mike, it's illegal for him NOT to own some, sorry it's the law!

    8. A minimalist watch perfect for the kind of dad who doesn't want too many bells and whistles — just a classic, stylish watch that tells the dang time.

    9. A pair of blue light–blocking glasses so he can stay glued to his news app all day without experiencing any eye strain.

    10. A mirrored cube puzzle that'll really let his problem-solving skills ~shine~.

    11. An apron to keep his clothes neat while he's whipping up a meal for the fam. It'll be the only thing in the house that can match the cheese-level of his dad jokes.

    12. A birdhouse making kit for doing a fun craft with the kids, sitcom-style. The birds will be thankful too!

    13. A record player so he can finally break out all of his old albums again. Let's just hope he keeps his Springsteen-esque jeans in the box.

    14. A movie scratch-off poster for the dad who just hasn't been able to stop quoting The Goonies since he saw it in theaters in 1985.

    15. A Lifestraw personal water filter so you can always rest assured your outdoorsy dad will have clean, fresh water to drink on his frequent hikes.

    16. An Atlas Coffee Club subscription because you may not be able to give him the world...but you can give him coffee sourced from all over the world.

    17. A retro polaroid alarm clock for anyone whose father still "doesn't trust" cell phone alarms.

    18. A baby carrier for new dads who just want their little ones to be as close as possible literally all the time.

    19. A Yeti Rambler mug that keeps coffee hot for a ridiculously long time by using double-wall vacuum insulation. Now pops can majestically stare into the distance while holding his coffee for as long as he wants, and it'll still be hot when he snaps out of it.

    A man in the snowy outdoors is in a parka dusted with snow and drinking from a white Yeti mug.

    20. A knife set so he can stop saying that he needs to sharpen your really old kitchen knives soon and get to using nice, sharp ones right away.

    21. A stuffed burger press because the only thing dad might love more than you is the glorious taste symphony of juicy meat and melty cheese.

    22. A sandalwood shaving kit so he can treat himself to a luxurious shave smoother than he ever thought imaginable. Self care for dads, 2019!

    23. A My Garden Box subscription to ensure the flower beds back home are always looking gorgeous. And if you're running a little bit behind on gift shopping, an incoming subscription box is always a good way to go!

    24. A T-shirt that — much like dear old dad — will just tell it like it is.

    25. A adjustable leather belt without holes so he can stop using his Swiss Army Knife to create new holes that are just to his liking.

    26. A pair of wireless over-ear headphones to keep the noise of the world at bay while he listens to yet another podcast about the joys of woodworking.

    27. A sous vide perfect for the dad who treats everything like a fun science experiment. This genius device lets you meticulously control the time and temperature at which your meat cooks, ensuring it's to your exact taste.

    28. A pair of loafers that couldn't be more "Dad" if they tried but you'll also want to borrow all the time, to be honest.

    29. A riveting copy of Does It Fart?: The Definitive Field Guide to Animal Flatulence because your dad knows a ton of useless — I mean — interesting facts, but I bet the specifics of animal toots aren't yet among them.

    30. An Amazon Echo Plus so he doesn't need to consult his sore knee for a weather report anymore. Alexa's got it!

    31. An all-white jigsaw puzzle sure to both bemuse and infuriate, which will honestly be pretty funny to watch.

    32. A box of cookies and treats because Father's Day is a great excuse to chomp on some sweets and swig milk right out of the carton.

    33. A whiskey wedge and glass to give his old favorite libation a new ~slant~.

    34. A go-anywhere table tennis set so he can always get in a quick round of the best game ever after dinner. Or literally *over* dinner if he just can't wait.

    35. A tortilla swaddle and cap for the new dad in your life who may need a bit of a chuckle in between changing diapers for his little burrito.

    36. A salt block and grill tool set so he can run towards the siren song of the grill well-prepared all summer long.

    37. A sweet guitar pick that perfectly combines his love of Dad Rock and Dad Jokes.

    38. A candle to remind him of some his favorite days — the road trips with the family all packed together in the sedan and watching football when he gets a rare moment alone.

    39. A Squatty Potty because the last thing dad wants to do after a long day at the office is spend a bunch of time in his "office."

    40. A new pair of boardshorts so even while he's doing cannonballs all summer, at least his pool attire won't be embarrassing.

    41. A "Best Dad" Dundie award if your father is the only person on the planet who knows more about The Office than you.

    42. Or a Swanson Pyramid of Greatness poster if you're convinced that Ron was based on your dad.

    43. A box set of A Song of Ice and Fire — aka — all of the Game of Thrones books! No better way for him to mourn the end of the show than delve into months (years?) of reading about the same characters.

    44. A nail grooming kit that'll be essential whenever dad gets a little too into some yard work, resulting in dirt-caked nails.

    45. A circular saw pizza cutter — anything can be a DIY project if you have the right ~tools~.

    46. A Trunk Club subscription because you already know they're the coolest dad around, and now a personal stylist can help them show it to the world with some rad 'fits.

    47. A heated razor so every morning dad shaves is a veritable spa day. Now every time he picks up a razor he can get treated to a hot towel shave — an A+ way to start the day.

    Your dad, knowing full well he's going to receive some awesome gifts on June 16.

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