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    30 Beautiful Dresses Sure To Make Everyone Swoon

    Whether you've got a hot date on V-Day or are just looking for a fun frock to boost your mood on a regular day, these babies have got you covered.

    1. A cozy printed T-shirt dress with POCKETS that you may never want to take off.

    2. A pretty pink wrap dress that's equally perfect for work or a night out.

    3. A richly hued fit-and-flare dress with a scalloped hem you won't have to shell out a lot of dough for.

    4. A lip print midi that may look all posh and proper, but it does have a tendency to get mouthy.

    5. An elegant lace party dress over 2,500 (!!!) reviewers are head over heels for.

    6. A vintage-inspired bodycon style sure to make everyone leave the party talking about how you really rose to the occasion.

    7. A twirl-worthy colorblocked dress I 10/10 recommend pairing with cute shoes and statement jewelry.

    8. A ruffly polka-dotted number that's more than ready to ask your fave pair of boots to be its Valentine. They sure would make a cute couple!

    9. A super soft jersey T-shirt dress with a ruffled back you'll be amazed can be so cute and so comfy all at once.

    10. A fiery off-the-shoulder number that may be the infamous red dress that made Nick Jonas feel like he had to catch his breath. It's sure to have you burnin' up.

    11. A high-neck dotted swing dress you're gonna wanna do a dance in (preferably the polka, but any moves work).

    12. A knockout velvet number that's comfy and stretchy while still being drop-dead gorgeous.

    13. A swingy dress bedecked with fuzzy textured hearts that make it worthy of a sappy love letter.

    14. An amazingly affordable bandage dress that's basically first aid for "I have nothing to wear"-itis.

    15. A funky printed option for anyone with a fit-and-flare for the dramatic.

    16. An intricate lace mini that's sultry and sweet at the same damn time.

    17. A pink gingham sweater dress sure to have everyone checking you out.

    18. A flirty ruffle-sleeved number that basically comes with compliments included free of charge.

    19. A hot as hell lacy number you can totally wear on a date, but at your own risk — your S.O. just might have a heart attack.

    20. An embellished sleeve tunic dress, because who needs a date on your arm when you could have embroidered flowers or little pearls on both arms?

    21. A high-fashion floral mini with voluminous sleeves to seriously turn up the volume on your date night style.

    22. A perfectly fitted Sam Edelman one-shoulder number that can be styled for warm or cold weather. Bare shoulders and sandals? Check. Layered over a tee with tights and boots? Check.

    23. A pale pink lace shift just begging to be paired with your favorite booties and jewelry.

    24. A high-slit gown for anyone who wants to practice the Angelina Jolie leg pose but doesn't have Angelina Jolie money.

    25. A jewel-toned mixed print maxi you're sure to treasure.

    26. A sheer-sleeved midi that looks straight off the runway (but is actually under $50 bucks).

    27. A printed bodycon T-shirt dress with a sexy slit made for striking a pose.

    28. A polka dotted Betsey Johnson stunner that's giving me luxe Victorian vibes — don't be surprised if strangers start Middle-marching right up to you to give you compliments.

    29. A lacy, sheer-paneled wonder, which I honestly can't believe isn't by some fancy designer.

    30. And a pink tulle number more romantic than watching a Nicholas Sparks movie on the beach at sunset while sipping champagne and eating strawberries.

    You in your fabulous new dress:

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