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    Just 32 Awesome Accessories You Can Get For Under $50

    Less than 50 bucks to give all your outfits a fresh new vibe.

    We hope you love the products we recommend! All of them were independently selected by our editors. Some may have been sent as samples, but all opinions and reviews are our own. Just so you know, BuzzFeed may collect a share of sales or other compensation from the links on this page if you decide to shop from them. Oh, and FYI — prices are accurate and items in stock as of time of publication.

    1. Dazzling rose gold studs with over 1,000 5-star reviews. I guess you could say they really rose to the occasion.

    2. A pair of stunning embellished headbands that'll basically make bad hair days a thing of the past. Sure, you skipped a shower and you're wearing a tee you've had since 2009, but with one of these on? You'll be the most polished person on the Zoom meeting.

    3. A classic fedora ideal for topping off all your transitional weather ensembles, from cozy sweaters to breezy maxi dresses.

    model wearing the wide brim brown fedora

    4. Super delicate huggie hoop earrings with over 3,000 positive reviews, a perfect look for everyday, and a price tag you will — yup — wanna hug.

    5. Amazingly inexpensive aviator sunglasses sure to have you looking ~fly~.

    6. Acrylic Nicole Miller floral statement earrings that are heavy on style but light and comfy on your lobes.

    The multicolored drop earrings, each with a small and large flower with a gold center

    7. An absolutely stunning and detailed engraved pendant necklace of your pet for the most unique and compliment-worthy piece you could paws-ibly imagine. Just send the seller a pic of your furry friend when you order and let the artist work her magic.

    8. A super classic and chic top-handle, turnlock closure bag I could 10/10 see Audrey Hepburn toting in a classic flick.

    9. A luxe pair of minimal chic chevron earrings you'll want to show off from all ~angles~.

    A model wearing one of the stud earrings in the gold finish. It wraps slightly around the back your earlobe and forms a point about where your piercing is, so it's a stud that looks like a cuff

    10. A stunning scarf printed with the design of a famous Post-Impressionist painting (Starry nights? Water lilies? Sunflowers? Yup, they've got 'em all) to suddenly transform even the most blah outfits into ~masterpieces~.

    11. A faux leather double circle belt you (and your fave denim) will love so much you'll wanna put a ring on it.

    12. A luxe-looking, stackable faux gemstone bangle to deck out your wrists like a high society socialite. Serena van der Woodsen would be impressed.

    model wearing four open bangles with blue, red, green, and clear stones

    13. Bow-trimmed fishnet socks that'll take a casual tee, cuffed jeans, and sneakers outfit from meh to fabulous in seconds flat.

    14. Chic, under-$20 sunglasses with over 2,000 5-star reviews that some folks say are comparable to a certain brand that rhymes with Shmay-Span.

    15. A dainty 14-karat gold-plated horoscope constellation necklace guaranteed to become the ~star~ of your everyday jewelry look.

    Model wearing the gold and rhinestone necklace in the shape of the Scorpio constellation

    16. A super on-trend set of pearl hairclips at a price so awesome, you may want to buy some for every fashionista you know.

    17. A Gucci-esque color-blocked statement bag with an adjustable cross-body strap, fox face detail, and a price tag that's anything but Gucci-esque.

    On the left: model holding the small square, white, red, and blue bag; on the right, model wearing it as a crossbody. It has a chain-print detail on the strap

    18. A criss-cross mixed metal ring, because it's 2021 and time we finally realized that silver and gold actually go together really dang well.

    19. A possibly perfect cross-body bag with over 4,000 positive reviews that's so affordable I'm straight-up screaming.

    20. A cheerful gingham headband to get your head in the springtime game. Feel free to DM a selfie to whoever it was who claimed pink and orange clash to show them how wrong they really were.

    the white, pink, red, and orange gingham knotted headbands

    21. Stylishly quirky insect-print tights sure to have everyone ~bugging~ you to ask where you got them.

    22. An aww-worthy Pusheen cross-body bag perfect for stashing all your essentials and making everyone you pass on the street nearly combust from cuteness.

    23. A fuzzy pink Barbie bucket hat to finish off your outfit with all the whimsy of your glorious '90s childhood.

    model wearing the hat with the Barbie logo embroidered on the front

    24. A luxe-looking quilted cross-body bag no one will believe wasn't triple the price.

    25. A chic tortoise link mask and sunglass chain so you can secure your on-the-go essentials in style — just clip 'em on.

    26. A gorgeous pair of gold-plated, Swarovski crystal-embellished, asymmetric butterfly stud earrings sure to set your heart ~aflutter~. Plus, they're way less pricey than they look!

    The gold and crystal studs, one of which is a single butterfly, and one of which has a second butterfly ear cuff attached to the stud

    27. A customized nameplate necklace to help you channel your inner Carrie Bradshaw. Just do me a favor — if you ever lose it, check the lining of your clutch before you totally freak out.

    28. A trendy quilted belt bag that once heard you say something about fanny packs being frumpy and is here to show you how wrong you were.

    29. Leopard and rose print socks far too chic to hide under bulky boots. Let 'em peek out of your shoes (be they heels, loafers, or booties) for the purr-fect finishing touch to your look.

    model wearing the calf-height socks with heels

    30. Glam jeweled-floral Betsey Johnson drop earrings with large stones that'll catch the light gorgeously and match pretty much any color you pair them with.

    The earrings with a large iridescent stone surrounded by white flowers and colorful rhinestones on the top half

    31. A super cute laptop bag that's the definition of fashion-meets-function. It's got a roomy, RIFD-blocking back pocket that can fit over a suitcase handle, plus an adjustable shoulder strap. Finally, a sufficiently spacious laptop bag that won't ruin your outfit (and tbh, might be the best part of your outfit).

    32. An OMG-worthy pair of hypo allergenic, stainless-steel, gold-plated hoop earrings with charms depicting sneakers so cool, your feet might get jealous.

    The large hoops with charms that look like red and white Nike high-tops

    Never forget to accessorize, people!!!

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