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    The Top 10 Sexy Costumes At The Colleges That Love Them

    These campuses buy more sexy costumes than anyone else, and each school has their own favorite costume. is thesite best known for its cheekily inappropriate sexy Halloween costumes. Sexy Hamburger, sexy pizza, sexy Snowman from Frozen, sexy dolphin, etc... They looked at last year's sales for October 2013 and broke out over 95,000 costume sales by ZIP code. What they found was that although large metro areas had overall the biggest sales, when you went ZIP by ZIP, it was actually college towns that bought the most sexy costumes. Which makes....... total sense.

    At Washington State University, the sexy pirate sold 4 times more than the second best seller. "This increase in sexy pirate costume orders led to speculation that the spike was driven by students paying homage to famed WSU football coach Mike Leach's much-publicized affinity for pirates," Yandy said in a press release.

    Of note to New Yorkers: the one ZIP code with a huge concentration of sales that wasn't a college town? Murray Hill.

    1. Washington State University: Spanish Pirate

    2. Arizona State University: "Twerkin' Teddy"*

    3. University of Southern California: Sexy Viking

    4. San Diego State University: SWAT Hottie

    5. Texas State University: Deadly Ninja

    6. University of Arizona: Sexy Genie

    7. Florida State University: Fever Skeleton Tutu Dress

    8. UC Santa Barbara: Harbor Hottie

    9. West Virginia University: Egyptian Goddess Costume

    10. University of Michigan (Ann Arbor): Sexy Wolf

    11. And finally, the one ZIP code not in a college town with the highest sales.... NYC's Murray Hill. The top seller there was "Twerkin' Teddy".