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The Furry Lexicon

Furries are just like scientologists or doctors -- they use a bunch of weird terms they made up. Here's your pocket furry dictionary:

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Fursona: A portmanteau of furry and persona. It’s what animal you identify as.

Yiff: The joyful noise furries make when they copulate. Can also be used as a verb, i.e. “last night I yiffed a hot wolf.”

Yiffy: Horny

Pawing Off: Masturbating

Mate: Wife/husband/girlfriend/etc…

Tailhole: Butthole

Scritching: Scratching behind one’s ears

Anyfur: Anyone

Cuddlick: Cuddling and licking

Furplay: Foreplay

Furson: Person

Huggle: Hug + snuggle

Lagbeast: A mythical creature that slow servers for furry sites are blamed on

Plushie: A stuffed animal that a furry carries as a totem

Otherkin: People who identify with a mythical creature like a wizard of dragon instead of a real animal.

Greymuzzle: Older furry

Therians: People who feel their true spiritual identity is an animal, though they may not dress outwardly as one

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