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    People Are Turning The Peanut Butter Kid Into Memes


    This Vine of a baby whose sister covered him in peanut butter is extremely important. Watch it now.

    The original peanut butter baby video was actually taken in 2004, which means the kids are TEENAGERS by now. It went viral again this summer.

    Recently, people have turned peanut butter baby into a huge meme, and are doing really really weird things to it.


    This is what peanut butter baby would be like all grown up:


    People have started syncing the baby to songs, like this Weezer version:

    Coldplay peanut butter baby:

    A dubstep remix:

    People have even noticed peanut butter baby is always on beat.

    Facebook: video.php

    Eminem version:

    Fetty Wap/Remy Boy Monty version:

    Taylor Swift version:

    Justin Bieber "Sorry" version:

    Duck Army version:

    Thank you, peanut butter baby. "Ack," indeed.

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