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14 Reasons School Is Basically Torture For Left-Handed People

Enjoy pen all over your hand constantly.

1. Those giant 5 subject notebooks are perfect for keeping all your class notes in one place

But writing in them basically burns spiral indentations into the side of your hand

2. Those giant 5" 3-ring binders that are big enough to fit all your coursework into one convenient folder?

There's literally no physical way you can actually write in the notepaper in them.

3. In high school, you have to deal with these desks, where the arm is on the wrong side:

4. And if there IS a lefty desk, there's always more lefties than desks so it's a race to who gets it first.

5. It only gets worse in college, where the desk surface gets EVEN smaller

Welcome to having back problems!

6. You might love art class, especially your favorite smelly markers...

Enjoy your hand looking like THIS for the rest of the day:

7. At gym class, you're stuck with the one weird gross old lefty glove that looks like it's from 1928 (if you're lucky enough to even have one)

It clearly has the handsweat of decades of sad lefty students.

8. There's always one less pair of left scissors than there are lefites in the class, and they never work as well as regular scissors.

9. Of course, plenty of kids in the not-so-distant past forced to learn to do things righty at school:

10. Pens will betray you. Ballpoint pens will jam more for leftys because you're pushing, not pulling the ball when you write.

UGH. Why is planet Earth trolling us?

11. Turning in your homework written in pen always looks like this:

12. Your final paper is always going to look like crap. Get used to it.

13. Even pencils are your enemy.

You + Pencils, basically:

14. And using one of these?

Aahahahahahahahhahahhahahahahah, a FOUNTAIN pen? Don't make me laugh.

So next time you see a lefty, BE NICE. We've been through a lot.