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"Perfect Strangers" Game Reveals Users' Secret Wishes

Someone made a "Perfect Strangers" video game where you type in a wish, then play as Balki wins points to make your wish come true. The game kind of cool, but the real payoff comes at the end when they show all the other players "wishes". Some are jokes, but some are awkwardly earnest (mine was "eat pizza" which is pretty honest -- I'm hungry).

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Best: "become a sucessful Web-Social Media strategist". Whoever you are, reveal yourself so we can laugh at you

Bets: "Find Yvonne". Yvonne - you reading this?

Best: "Fuck Laura"

Best: "lift five hundred pounds" Good luck, buddy. Call me if you need a spotter.

Best: "SHIT ON JOE DAGGETT'S FACE" Joe Daggett, watch your back (face?), this guy guy a high score.

Best: "whatever"

Best: "not work for assholes".

Best: (Tie) "kiss a boy" & "meet Kate Upton"

Best: "get married" What is this, Pintrest?

Best: "Go to a Dubs game". Pretty achievable. I like that.

Best: (Tie) "marry Jennifer Love Hewitt" & "blow a load over JLHewitt's tits"

Best: "Fart for 7 seconds". Godspeed.

Best: "fall in love"

Best: "Writing a pilot". Maybe get off this video game and open a Word Doc.

Best: "become a fair housing manager"

Best: "be a Voice actor"

Best: "make love to Zooey Deschanel"

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