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Jonathan Cheban Is Kind Of A Dick On Social Media

We have the receipts.

This is Jonathan Cheban. You may recognize him as Kim Kardashian's best friend, who often appears on her show.

Calling someone who tweeted something bad at him "ugly."

@v_hue I always have problems with the ugly girls. Not sure why u all hate me. It's a type I gues

OK now, this guy didn't even @ him — just mentioned his real name.

@LiamMarshall_ so why the fuck are u following me dickhead. It's real easy. Dont

Here he calls someone a "peasant."

@RealityRow haha such entertainment but waste of a story. Sold pr firm years ago u peasant. And never represented people ever! Your so dumb

He namesearches and offers to block people who don't like him on Snapchat.

@zoe_c_hartshorn please give me your name so I can block you. Would be maybe the biggest pleasure of my life. Hate trolls

He called someone who had a fairly reasonable misconception about the details of Cheban's professional life "trash face" and "pathetic zero."

@RealityRow how dumb are u trash face lol I haven't done PR in 3yrs and when I did we didn't do people. Just products you pathetic zero

This deleted tweet reminded some plebe that he wasn't at a fancy event like Jonathan was.

OK, look, wishing he gets Ebola was just rude (although they didn't tag him in the tweet), but Jonathan's reply was maybe a little over the top?

Namesearching and calling someone "peasant" and "trash" and reminding them he's actually rich.

@TweetStalling I'm actually rich so that's impossible peasant.. Try again trash

An offer to someone for a job cleaning the floors at

@BKnows2 actually trash. I own a website that has 30 people working who did it for me. Wanna clean the floors I got an opening

Another offer of janitorial employment.

@Kotsy1 that's funny peasant LOl. I own 7 companies bitch. Come be my janitor. Errand boy. Lol. I have 50 employees and own u trash

Here he calls someone "the spit I walk on," which is kind of a beautiful metaphor when you think about it.

@LaughsWithCurls get a life u ugly pathetic looking price of trash. Ur the spit I walk on.

So this woman was being very rude. But Jonathan, did you NEED to reply?

Telling someone to apply for the job of Ronald McDonald (which is kind of a good insult).

@RemarkableJones with that face i wouldnt talk! you could only wish u look like @kikilet however u can apply for the job of Ronald Mcdonald

Making fun of someone for being from Ohio.

@DeeLadee13 that's because you don't know anything hunny. Stay in Ohio or wherever you are. Everyone will be wearin it in 2 years


@Moneyraffa oh I don't delete it cause I'm a pussy. I don't like to see trash on my timeline kid. U don't scare me punk fuck. Ur zero


@richie7391 really? Ok lol. Yes bullshit. What a dumb fuck. I love finding one your it. Yes it's bullshit. Lolll


@Wishingone3 I am? Or ur just a freaking moron? Lol. Why the FUCK would I try to be Kim. What a retard

At least he cares about lawn care.

@Taylor_J_Monica I have 7 companies loser. Do u still cut the lawn child?

You can see the years of PR finesse here.

@_fardousahassan that's what I thought u ugly miserable fuck! Now go do something with your non existent life and stop watching mine

When he went on Millionaire Matchmaker, someone taunted him for being gay (he is not gay). Which wasn't cool at all, but neither was Jonathan's response. Jonathan's the 41-year-old — you'd hope he could summon some more restraint.

Someone sent their Snapchat messages with Jonathan — where he calls them a "zero," "literally a worker," and a "bus boy" — to

Since I thought the insult "literally a worker" was particularly great, I tweeted about it (not @-ing him) and he replied to call me a loser. He later deleted these tweets.

Anyway, maybe Jonathan should take some of the advice he gives to Kim about not replying to randos on Twitter to heart.

@KimKardashian @jlmcbryde Kim why do u respond to trash. Who cares what garbage thinks?