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    Posted on Sep 24, 2012

    First Ladies Posing With Ridiculous Things

    The main job of a first lady is to pose for pictures with random objects. At least that what it seems like.

    Michelle Obama and a dirty potato


    Michelle Obama and Big Bird

    Laura Bush with a bobblehead of herself

    Laura Bush and Big Bird


    Barbara Bush with Red Sox pitcher Kurt Shilling

    Barbara Bush with a basketball spinning on her finger

    Nancy Reagan with Mr. T in a Santa suit

    Ultimate WTF.

    Nancy Reagan with Alf

    Nancy Reagan with a goose shaped jello mold

    Betty Ford with Liza Minelli and Liz Taylor

    I'd love to be a fly in the martini glass of this crew.

    Betty Ford (center) with a modern dance troupe

    Pat Nixon and Big Bird (again)

    Lady Bird Johnson with 4 empty chairs

    Lady Bird Johnson with a movie camera

    Jackie Kennedy with a typewriter. This is as ridiculous as she'd get.

    I know this isn't really ridiculous, but it's as crazy as she got. The woman would NOT pose with any weird stuff or take an unflattering photo. That's why she's Jackie Kennedy and we're not, I guess.

    Mamie Eisenhower with a newspaper cake

    I think Mamie is my favorite - she looks like she just got caught doing something she's not supposed to in every photo.

    Mamie Eisenhower and a giant floor buffer

    Bess Truman with a giant painting of Harry

    Eleanor Roosevelt with a can that is totally grossing her out

    Eleanor Roosevelt with an figurine of FDR held by Frank Sinatra

    Lou Henry Hoover on a donkey with a gun

    Grace Coolidge with a Girl Scout cookie

    Grace Coolidge with a raccoon

    This is almost as weird as Nancy and Mr. T.

    Florence Harding with parasol

    Helen Taft with a movie camera

    Edith Roosevelt and a dromedary

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