Can You Make It Through This Post Without Blacking Out From Rage?

    Trigger warning: human existence.

    1. When you just want to drink your juice

    2. When this is impossible to open

    3. When this comes out one end

    4. When you have to stand because someone is doing this

    5. The fact that someone actually did this to a server

    6. The confusing fact that someone continued to use this roll halfway through without ever replacing it

    7. This guy's footwear situation

    8. When this won't fit

    9. When this happens

    10. When you see this

    11. When you can never get this thing off because it's ON the scissors

    12. The tragedy of the toaster strudel

    13. No comment

    14. When this happens

    15. And this

    16. When someone replies to a text with

    17. Even worse

    18. This fucking guy

    19. Thisssss

    20. Are you approaching rage blackout?

    21. Almost there...