The 15 Best Historical Photo Collections You Should Be Following On Flickr

Flickr is still the best place to discover amazing and historic images from library and historical society collections. If you’re a history buff, prepare to lose hours pouring through these accounts.

1. Swedish National Heritage Board

Carl Persson, Betsede, Uppland, Sweden. 1929.

Monk, Valamo Monastery, Karelia, Russia. 1930s

2. Boston Public Library

SPENCER GRANT / Via Flickr: boston_public_library

Anti-war rally, Soldiers Field, Allston. 1970.

Benson Farm animals N.H., 1934

3. Library of Congress

Abraham Lincoln, 1860.

Four African American women seated on steps of building at Atlanta University, Georgia. ca. 1899.

Portrait of Ella Fitzgerald, New York, N.Y., ca. Nov. 1946

4. Montana State University Library

Repairing a Bicycle, ca. 1895

Large Yellowstone Nation Park Bison Herd

Rochester Saloon, Madison County, Montana, ca. 1890

5. The U.S. National Archives

Maine State Society Lobster Dinner, 1951.

Bill Clinton with Socks the Cat, 1993.

George Bush, Captain of the Yale Baseball Team, Receives Babe Ruth’s Manuscript of His Autobiography which He Was Donating to Yale. 1948.

6. SOAS (School of Oriental and African Studies) Digital Library

Konyak Naga boy holding kittens, Wakching, Nagaland, India. 1937

Sherpa man, Nepal, 1957.

7. London School of Economics Library

Women’s Hockey XI , 1923-1924

Dealers in Fancy-Ware, 1877.

8. Powerhouse Museum Collection (Australian historic photos)

Kangaroo, 1890s.

Portrait of a young woman in fancy dress, 1895-1905

9. Greater Manchester Police

Oldham Motocycle Inspection, date unknown.

Police surveying after bombing, 1940.

10. Historical Society of Lake Pleasant and Speculator (NY state)

Ski jump, date unknown.

Bear hunting, date unknown.

11. Wisconsin Historical Images

Portrait of Caroline Webb Family, 1910.

A group of now-extinct passenger pigeons, (before 1911)

12. Minnesota Historical Society

Vintage underwear ad

Canning winners at the state fair, 1917

13. Cambridge Historical Society

Annie B. (Chapman) Farley, 1906-1916

Julie E. L. Eggleston Smith, 1886.

14. Swindon Collection, Central Library

Ammunition workers, Swindon, UK 1916

Edith New, a Swindon Suffragette, 1906.

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