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29 Reasons To Love Boston

Wicked awesome.

1. The Citgo sign just as the sun sets and it starts to light up.

2. Fall that looks like this:

Kalim Saliba / Via

Sorry, everywhere else, you might have a time between August and November that gets a little colder, but Boston has the trademark on Fall™.

3. We love boats powered by a guy pedaling inside a giant swan. And this somehow makes sense to us.

4. Boston respects ice cream. Not that Pinkberry stuff — real ice cream parlors you go to on Friday night.

5. There's even a giant milk bottle that's an ice cream stand.

6. These guys are from Boston:

New Kids on the Block

7. And these guys:


8. And also this band:

The Pixies

9. And also these guys:

New Edition

10. Free summer concerts from the Boston Pops at the Hatch Shell.

11. When Chik-fil-A's owner came out against gay marriage, Mayor Menino wrote this letter:

12. The red brick Freedom Trail that runs through Boston.

Flickr: eurotriptips

The city has a built-in map to take you to all the historic landmarks, which is kind of ingenious.

13. Someone lovingly puts winter scarves on the bronze duck statues from Make Way For Ducklings.

14. The North End has better pizza than *gasp* New York.

electric.porcupine / flickr

There. I said it. NYC may have the best greasy cheap slice, but Pizza Regina has the best brick-oven crispy-crust slices.

15. We know how to fix signs so they have the correct pronunciation.

16. Obviously, Dunkin' Donuts is testing out a doughnut-bacon-egg sandwich in Boston before the rest of the country.

Goddamn, we love Dunky's.

17. Boston has the oldest restaurant in the country, the Union Oyster House (and it's really good).

18. The fact that everyone calls this the Salt-and-Pepper Bridge because, duh, that's what it looks like.

It's technically the Longfellow Bridge, but whatever.

19. The old Boston is just hiding right underneath you.

20. The Paul Revere statue in front of the Old North Church.

21. The way the gold dome on the State House lights up at sunset.

22. And the fact that the Old State House is still there, tucked away between skyscrapers.

23. This guy smoking a cigar indoors.

Larry Bird and Red Auerbach

24. And thank god, Tom Brady no longer has a ponytail (that was a dark time).

IG.COM.BR / Splash News

So now we can love him again.

25. Community Boating on the Charles River

26. The deadly nature of the scorpion bowls at the Hong Kong in Harvard Square.

27. The ICA is one of the best places to see contemporary art.

...and it has this view from inside.

28. Boston's city streets don't need no stinkin' grid.

How do you like them apples?

You didn't possibly think this could be a completely Damon/Affleck-free list, did you?

29. Because if you keep believing, against all odds, Boston will come through for you.

Stephen Dunn/Staff / Getty Images

The 2004 Red Sox winning the World Series.

Correction: A previous version of this post misidentified House of Pain as being from Boston.