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11 Failed TV Shows That Aired Between "Friends" And "Seinfeld"

The 8:30pm on NBC's Thursdays, sandwiched between Friends and Seinfeld is revolving door of failed shows. Here are some of it's casualties.

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2. "Rhythm 'n Blues"

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The premise was that a white radio DJ goes to work at a black radio station. Lasted only 5 episodes in the fall of '92.

5. "Boston Common"

Anthony Clark played a southerner who moves to Boston and works at a college. It only lasted one season on Thursday nights, then moved to Sundays, where it was canceled after the second season.

6. "Curse/The Weber Show"

This show was so bad that they actually changed the name halfway through the season to try to fix it. Lasted one season in 2000. Fun fact: the theme song was written by Liz Phair.

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