11 Failed TV Shows That Aired Between “Friends” And “Seinfeld”

The 8:30pm on NBC’s Thursdays, sandwiched between Friends and Seinfeld is revolving door of failed shows. Here are some of it’s casualties.

1. “The Single Guy”

Ernest Borgnine played Jonathan Silverman’s doorman. Lasted 2 seasons over 1995-1997.

2. “Rhythm ‘n Blues”

The premise was that a white radio DJ goes to work at a black radio station. Lasted only 5 episodes in the fall of ‘92.

3. “Daddio”

Michael Chiklis starred as a single dad. Only 9 episodes aired in 2000.

4. “Hope & Gloria”

5. “Boston Common”

Anthony Clark played a southerner who moves to Boston and works at a college. It only lasted one season on Thursday nights, then moved to Sundays, where it was canceled after the second season.

6. “Curse/The Weber Show”

This show was so bad that they actually changed the name halfway through the season to try to fix it. Lasted one season in 2000. Fun fact: the theme song was written by Liz Phair.

7. “Union Square”

This series about a playwright and her friends who hang out in a New York City cafe lasted only one season in 1997.

8. “Inside Schwartz”

The premise here was that a team of sportscasters are narrating Brekin Meyers’s dating life. Lasted one season.

9. “Four Kings”

Seth Green starred as one of a group of friends living in New York (sensing a theme?). Only 6 episodes aired in 2006.

10. “Jesse”

Christina Applegate starred as a single mother who worked in her father’s German themed restaurants. It only lasted 2 seasons from 1998-2000.

11. “Leap of Faith”

This Sex and the City knockoff (but weirdly with Ken Marino as the Charlotte character) only aired 6 episodes in 2001.

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