24 Ways to Get Girls to Swipe Right on Tinder

Because you’re more than just a pretty face.

1. Show her even though you’re a 30-year-old man, you have the heart of a child.

2. Ask her to judge you based off nothing but your basting abilities.

3. Proclaim your love for Jell-O, right up front.

4. Tell her you’re rich enough to have a boat, but you’re modest enough to know nothing about it.

5. Show her your dirty laundry day outfit, cause if she can handle it now, she’s a keeper.

6. Show her that when it comes to love, you don’t horse around.

No horseshit in this love game.

7. Be honest about your lack of sports knowledge from the get go.

*The rivalry between the Chicago Bulls and the Utah Jazz is no joke, Trevor.

8. Tell her your name. But nothing else.

The ultimate game of intrigue.

9. Tell her about that time you saved seats for your friends.

Cause you’re super thoughtful. Even though your friends might not be since they left you out there for four hours savings seats.

10. Save her a couple bucks this month on Where’s Waldo books.

A girl can appreciate savings.

11. Modestly let her know your car was in an OK magazine ad.

12. Explain to her you have small nips, but a big heart.

13. Let her know how important logos on polo shirts are. But how little you care about proper photography.

It’s truly endearing.

14. Sara McLachlan the sh*t out of her with a sad, colorless dog.

7 out of 10 times, it works every time.

15. Tell her you always keep both feet on the ground.

16. Tell her, without bragging, the classic disguise of glasses, a big nose, and a mustache was your idea.

17. Keep her wanting more.

“Such a mysterious man! He won’t even show me his dog’s eyes!” –her.

18. Quench her thirst.

19. Just be a Ton of Fun.

20. Be original.

Not that many people ski, let her in on your secret .

21. Don’t be afraid to tell her how you really feel about filters in Photoshop.

You love them. And she should know. And she should feel the same way.

22. Tell her you believe eyes are the windows to the soul.

23. Confess to her you’ve killed someone before. And you’re not afraid to do it again.

Honesty is refreshing.

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