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10 Betsy DeVos Themed Valentines For Every Kind Of Romance

This Valentine’s Day, don’t let inexperience stand in your way. Share these heartfelt words (along with a check for a million dollars) to the one you’ve been crushing on and you’ll wind up in bed with them in no time.

katien23 2 years ago

24 Ways to Get Girls to Swipe Right on Tinder

Because you're more than just a pretty face.

katien23 5 years ago

24 Super Bowls To Hold All The Dips For Super Bowl XLVIII.

With Seattle vs. Denver, there's more than one bowl that's up for grabs.

katien23 5 years ago

35 Unanswered Questions From Jesse And The Ripper’s "Forever" Music Video

It's a beautiful song that will most definitely leave you in contemplation.

katien23 5 years ago

27 Reasons It's So Hard To Delete Your OkCupid Account

Say what you will about online dating. These guys make it all worthwhile.

katien23 5 years ago