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    21 Incredible Things To Eat In Edinburgh Right Now

    For when you're bored of macaroni pies.

    1. Hog Roast Roll at Oink

    2. Wings at Wings

    3. Hot Chocolate Float at Mary's Milk Bar

    4. Curry at Mosque Kitchen

    5. Pad Thai at Ting Thai Caravan

    6. Grilled Cheese Sandwich with Chilli Jam at Cairngorm Coffee

    7. Gourmet Burgers at Holyrood 9A

    8. Haggis Burrito at Los Cardos

    9. Baked Potatoes at The Baked Potato Shop

    10. Raspberry Brownies at Mimi's

    11. Cooked Breakfast at Haven

    12. Dumplings at Chop Chop

    13. Ramen at Tangs

    14. Steak at Shebeen

    15. Sushi at Sushiya

    16. Tapas at Tapa

    17. Mushroom Risotto at David Banns

    18. Falafel Wraps at Khartoum Cafe

    19. Pizza at La Favorita

    20. Ice Cream Sundae at Luca's

    21. Hot Dogs at The Flying Dog