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We All Have The Weirdest Shit In Our Amazon "Saved For Later"

We asked people to reveal the weirdest items in their Amazon cart.

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You know that "saved for later" section, found underneath your Amazon cart page?

It's where you move stuff when you kinda want something, but either can't or don't want to get it right now. It's an easily forgotten but fascinating portrait of the people we once were, or the people we thought we were.

But be honest: how often do you EVER end up actually buying the stuff you save there?

We asked BuzzFeed writers to look in their Amazon "saved for later" sections and show us what they found there.


3. Kevin Smith: 137 items totaling $4,137.12


"I guess back in 2012 I was really into sneaking alcohol into places. And I was counting on getting caught at least five times."


8. David Bertozzi: 30 items totaling $678.54


"There is something seriously wrong with my Amazon account! I only use my account once every couple months and each time I do, my 'Saved For Later' list is filled with items I've never even heard of before, let alone browsed or wanted to purchase at a later date. I have to frequently clear it out only to come back and see it filled again."

10. Morgan Shanahan: 16 items totaling $113.60


"I have 16 items — the oldest being a bunch of Nancy Drew mysteries (no longer in stock) from when I was working on a reboot that never happened in like 2008."

11. Alanna Okun: 24 items totaling $1147.84


"My entire family shares our Amazon account, including my artsy basket weaving little sister and my klezmer drummer mother, which is why we look like we are about to commit a weird crime."



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