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18 Things You’ll Only Understand If You’re Slightly Obsessed With Target

OK, JUST get milk. For real this time.

1. You have trunk space permanently cleared out for your Target bounty.

2. Target emails you more than your significant other and mother combined.

3. Your loved ones have learned not to trust you when you say "Target" and "be right back" in the same sentence.

4. Your purse is a cemetery of Target receipts dating years and years back.

5. And you have a personal record for longest receipt from one trip.

6. You can't leave the store without buying at least five times as much as you meant to.

7. ...and sometimes it's more like 10 or 20 times as much.

8. You're in a romantic relationship with the pens and paper aisle.

9. You keep track of which days Target restocks certain sections so you can go there and clear them out again.

10. And you know all about the sale tag hack.

11. Your savings are often higher than most people's total purchases would be.

12. When you know you don't NEED three packages of cookie mix, but you have a coupon, soooo...

13. You frequently walk into the store and copy an entire look from one of the mannequins.

14. You have a serious love/hate relationship with the dollar section.

15. You can't start a trip without buying a drink, and you know you'll be finished with it before you leave the store.

16. You have to avoid the seasonal endcaps or you know you'll end up with everything on them.

17. Sometimes you manage to remember the toilet paper.

18. But you never, ever remember the milk.

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