What's Haunting Your House?

Don't turn out the lights.

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What's Haunting Your House?

You got: Dolls

Maybe you're a parent, or a youngish person who's kept their toys just a little too long. Regardless, whether you know it or not, there is at least one doll in your home, and probably more, and long after everyone has gone to sleep, their porcelain eyes creak open, their necks swivel, and they come looking for you. That cold touch at your feet in the middle of the night — that's them.

Christine Zenino / Via Flickr: chrissy575
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You got: Astral Spiders

Did you know about astral spiders before today? That they are like normal spiders, but exist *on another plane* and therefore cannot be killed with a shoe, or scooped up by a piece of paper and brought to the window? Astral spiders are visiting you while you sleep, crawling into your bed by the thousands, covering your body from head to toe. They're sucking up your energy. Why did you think you've been feeling so tired?

Astral Spiders
Dann Thombs / Via Flickr: goshzilla
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You got: Twins

Have you ever thought you heard just the faintest of whispers, out on the other side of your door? A piercing little giggle, or maybe a soft sigh? A pair of little girls lived here once, or maybe they came in with something you bought at a market, something they used to own. (How could you have known?) They mean you no harm, but understand: they cannot leave you. They are only little children.

Warner Bros. / Via youtube.com
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You got: Vengeful Clown

It started simply enough, like a joke you could share with yourself: lights on you were sure you left off, a flooding toilet, keys that disappeared from your bag and materialized in the refrigerator. "Haha," you laughed, "I am such an airhead." But it wasn't you. It was him. At first he will be content with the little pranks, the subtle tricks on your mind. Then, later, he will want more. Don't laugh; don't laugh, whatever you do.

Vengeful Clown
Chris Rice / Via Flickr: chris-rice
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You got: An Orb

Probably, it's nothing. There's nothing exactly wrong with your home, though sometimes you get this feeling — not quite like being watched, but like someone else once sat here, exactly where you are now, in just the same way. And then it's gone. It's happened a few times that someone's taken a picture here, and again and again, you've noticed that same little smudge in a corner. It's just dust! Of course, it's just dust.

An Orb
slworking2 / Via Flickr: slworking
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You got: The Mirror

It's beautiful, of course, and you look beautiful in it. Perhaps you haven't yet noticed the crack, the cloudiness creeping in at the outer edges. You could press your face up closer to the glass, try to get a better look. Just a little closer now. It's all right. Stay focused, now. Don't turn around.

The Mirror
ZakVTA / Via Flickr: isaachsieh
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