What Color Is Your Aura?

It’s all about ~energy~, man.

    1. NBC / Via friends.wikia.com
    2. NBC / Via fanpop.com
    1. NBC / Via rebloggy.com
    2. NBC / Via youtube.com
    1. James Marvin Phelps / Via Flickr: mandj98
    2. @Doug88888 / Via Flickr: doug88888
    3. Moyan Brenn / Via Flickr: aigle_dore
    1. Greg Wass / Via Flickr: gregorywass
    2. Wally Gobetz / Via Flickr: wallyg
    3. grantzprice / Via Flickr: grantzprice
    1. Pierre Pouliquin / Via Flickr: pierre_pouliquin
    2. Mr Hicks46 / Via Flickr: teosaurio
    3. Riccardo Cuppini / Via Flickr: cuppini
    1. Nikita / Via Flickr: malfet
    2. Parée / Via Flickr: pareeerica
    3. Brian Scott / Via Flickr: brianscott

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