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    The 17 Worst Things About Being A Girl

    Guys just don't understand.

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    1. Oh good, it's back.

    2. You didn't know it was coming, and then you got out of bed that one morning and:

    3. Woo hoo! Time to purchase all the expensive supplies!!!

    4. And yep, here come the excruciating cramps.

    5. Really, really excruciating. Really really!

    6. Dealing with everyone who tries to -- AAAARGH -- actually TALK to you:

    7. Battling all the FEELS:

    8. The BLOATING:

    9. And the urge to eat literally everything in sight:

    10. Like...all of the ice cream.

    11. And kettle corn. OH GOD KETTLE CORN.

    12. Time to get out your special PMS wardrobe.

    13. You have to try to hide the tampon you need to carry to the bathroom at work.

    There are literally help pages on this.

    14. And you have to have, like, five of them on hand just to get through the dreaded DAY 2.

    15. But no matter how much you plan ahead, you'll end up adding ANOTHER pair of underwear sacrificed to the "period" pile.

    16. When it's finally ending, you breathe a sigh of relief.

    17. And then before you know's back.

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