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The 11 Creepiest Dolls Of All Time

Did it just blink??

1. Joliet

Joliet the doll, allegedly now owned by a woman named "Anna," has been passed down from mother to daughter through several generations. The doll is said to curse each daughter to give birth to two children: a daughter (whom the doll will later be given to), and a son — who will die within three days of being born. The spirits of the lost sons are said to inhabit the doll, crying through the night.

2. Robert the Doll

Cayobo / Via / WikiCommons

Robert the Doll was once owned by painter Robert Eugene Otto, who claimed he received it in 1906 from a family servant, who was skilled in black magic and wanted to harm the Otto family. Eugene's parents were said to have heard him conversing with the doll, and neighbors saw it moving rooms from the windows when nobody was home. The family that moved into the Otto home after Eugene died had a young daughter, who began to see the doll in her room at night — trying to kill her.

3. Annabelle

Before the movie, Annabelle was a real doll that (/who??) appeared to shift positions during the day while its owner, a nursing student named Donna, was out of the house — sometimes moving to a different room entirely. Donna also claimed she'd come home to find penciled messages, seemingly from the doll, on paper she couldn't identify as coming from her house. One read "Help Us." She also once came home to find drops of blood on the doll's chest, and the back of her hand.

4. Mandy, Quesnel Museum

Mandy the Doll resides at the Quesnel Museum in British Columbia, where she's been on display since 1991, when she was reportedly donated by an unnamed donor who no longer wanted the doll in her house. Staff and volunteers at the museum report that objects began to go missing, and that other dolls put in Mandy's vicinity would soon appear "harmed." Electronics brought near her are immediately drained of battery, and many visitors to the museum claim they've seen her move in her case.

5. Pupa

According to legend, Pupa the doll was received as a gift by a young Italian girl in the 1920s. The doll, which reportedly has human hair, remained in her possession until she died in 2005. She told family members that Pupa was alive, and after her death, her family members reported that the doll's activity only increased — her glass case steaming up, messages like "Pupa hate" written on from the inside, shifting positions, and tapping the glass. Pupa's present location is unknown.

6. Elmo Knows Your Name Doll

In 2008, a Florida family claimed that an Elmo Knows Your Name doll began violently threatening their two-year-old toddler, James. At first the doll worked as it should — reciting James' name along with a set of programmed, personalized phrases. But after the Bowman parents changed its batteries, the Elmo's pronouncements turned sinister: it began singing "Kill James" over and over.

7. Amelia

Amelia was once auctioned off on eBay, where she became one of the highest viewed items. Its seller posted "This doll is not recommended for the weak at heart or for any little kids to have in their bedrooms!" Apparently, its original owner claimed that Amelia's eyes were originally blue, but had glazed over in a creepy, glowing green despite being kept out of direct light. Once her eyes changed, weird things started happening. The person who purchased her reported that he found her standing in the hallway, heard her giggling, and once saw her wave.

8. Bebé

Bebé, owned by haunted doll collector and paranormal investigator Janice Poole, who claims her home became haunted after purchasing the doll. Poole claims the doll's eyes follow her around the room, that she giggles, and that she's run past her feet on several occasions.

9. Caroline

Caroline was originally purchased in a Salem antique shop, and is the subject of frequent paranormal investigation in that town. Various witnesses have reported that Caroline whispers when you hold her to your ears — her second owner claimed that she'd always tell him, "Make it you." Caroline is also said to move books and other objects around the house. She was last seen during a 2004 investigation.

10. Isla

Isla was also sold on eBay, sometime within the last 10 years. The story provided with her sale said that the doll's previous owner had received her in the 1800s and become very, very attached to her, spending extended periods of time in isolation with the doll. Every night, the owner would wake up after hearing the doll fall to the ground. In her attempt to take care of her, the owner began talking to Isla, and taking her for walks in a carriage. When she died in her sleep years later, the doll was transferred into storage, where passersby heard it crying. Its current owner claims to feel a strange and inexplicable attachment to Isla.

11. Harold

Harold is said to be "the first haunted doll sold on eBay," and his original auction sparked international interest from paranormal investigators. Stories about the doll's various owners have been said to suffer sudden illness and injury shortly after noticing the doll smiling at them.

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