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"Love, Actually" Is Bad, So Watch "Carol" This Year Instead

It's 2016.

Listen: Love, Actually is a very bad movie.

But folks, it's 2016, and Love, Actually is no longer the modern Christmas romance we need it to be.

Perhaps the biggest problem? There are NO GAYS in this movie!

NINE subplots and not even one of them is queer? What gives?

Actually, Love, Actually DID originally have a lesbian subplot, but it was cut. It involved two older women, one of whom is terminally ill and dies at the end. Sounds about right.

This year, I'd like to propose an alternative. A much better love story, actually. A new Christmas classic: Carol.

You may not think of Carol as a Christmas movie, but you'd be wrong.

The characters in this movie are dressed in head-to-toe wool and occasionally, fur. This is not a movie you watch in the summer.

True, this movie does not feature the Christmas classic "All I Want For Christmas Is You," but Therese embodies it.

And true, the love story in Carol is not always a cheerful one.

Carol and Therese flirt (a LOT), but they also push and challenge each other. They become better people.

And ultimately, Carol has a happy ending, as all Christmas movies should.

So: This Christmas, why not give the ol' standbys a break and watch something new. Put on your best winter jammies and your best flannel robes and cuddle up with Carol.

Merry Christmas, darlings.