"Love Actually" Had A Heartbreaking Lesbian Plot That Got Cut From The Movie

    It's extremely upsetting.

    Christmas classic Love Actually is obviously a delightful yet bittersweet film, but it turns out it could have been EVEN more emotional.

    On the DVD extras of Love Actually, Richard Curtis reveals that a scene involving a same-sex relationship was cut from the film.

    While the Christmas movie only features heterosexual couples, in the original script there was an extremely moving story about an older lesbian couple.

    The subplot originally involved the headmistress at Emma Thompson's son's school, whose character was eventually cut altogether.

    In the touching clip the headmistress is seen caring for her terminally ill partner, and the ending is even more heartbreaking.

    The story unfortunately had to be cut from the movie after the scenes with the headmistress and Emma Thompson's son were removed.

    You can watch the heartbreaking clip here.

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