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23 Reasons Winston Is Actually The Best Character On "New Girl"

Sure, sure, everyone else is great, but Winston Bishop is THE BEST. And he should get so much MORE.

1. Winston Bishop is too perfect for someone who is so often in the background.

2. He is CLEARLY the wisest, most principled member of this apartment.

3. And the best at spelling. This criteria may seem trivial, but sometimes it's really important.

4. Winston knows what he wants: food.

5. And he'll be the brave one to speak up when everyone else is starving but too polite to say anything.

6. Winston knows how to dream (sort of) big.

7. He applies himself fully to the task at hand.

8. He doesn't have time for his friends' shenanigans.

Without Winston, there would be no order. Ever.

9. But he's also always encouraging them to be better people.

Pro-feelings Winston!!

10. Winston is the only one who has any chance of keeping Schmidt in line.

11. Winston is ever the understated, classy life of the party.

12. I mean, USUALLY classy. Almost always.

13. Winston has A LOT of ~feelings~.

14. He's not afraid to let it all out.

15. Winston will break it to you gently.

16. He's stealthy as hell.

17. He has great taste in car sing-along jams.

18. And better taste in afternoon snacks.

19. He's able to adapt and thrive under adverse circumstances.

20. He has an infectious enthusiasm for practical jokes.

21. They call him Prank Sinatra!!!!

22. He knows he was wrong about the earring.

23. He can make you excited about a JIGSAW PUZZLE.

That takes talent.

Don't leave him hanging.