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    19 Reasons You Need To Rewatch The "Halloweentown" Series Right Now

    The four-part Disney Channel movie series is one of the best things about Halloween. Or, the first three movies are, anyway.

    Other Halloween-themed movies get all the glory.

    But there's another great, often-overlooked classic you should be watching this month.

    1. Halloweentown was a four-part Disney Channel movie series that aired between 1998 and 2006, and it was perfect.

    And we all know that Disney Channel Originals were the best movies that ever were.

    2. The series started off with a girl named Marnie Piper who, on her 13th Halloween, learns that she is a witch, who will be trained by her grandmother Aggie.

    Basically every preteen girl's dream.

    3. Aggie takes Marnie to Halloweentown, which is an alternate universe created by and for witches/wizards, skeletons, vampires, trolls, goblins, etc. 1000 years ago to escape human persecution.

    It's a town where it is basically always Halloween. Think of all the candy.

    4. The town cab driver is a comedian skeleton.

    His name is Benny.

    5. Marnie is the perfect oddball protagonist.

    6. And Grandma Aggie Crowell is the perfect wise role model.

    7. Also, she had a microwave that had "Bubble," "Toil," and "Trouble" BUTTONS on it.

    8. And a hair dryer that was actually a flamethrower.

    9. You had a crush on Luke the goblin boy and didn't know why, but it turns out it's because he KIND of looked like Ryan Lochte?

    10. Also he was totally adorable in human form.

    11. And obviously Marnie was pretty crushable too.

    Girl, PLEASE. You know that's not true.

    12. Halloweentown has a wall that faces pop out of, which is great.

    13. The first movie's bad guy (Kalabar) was TERRIFYING, which is how it SHOULD be in a Halloween film.

    It turns out he's the town mayor, and also Marnie's mom's ex-boyfriend. Dramaaaa!!

    14. The second movie's villain is named Kal, whom Marnie has a crush on because Cromwell witches love bad boys.

    Hmmm ,"Kal." Wonder if he's got any relation to Kalabar? (YES, he's his SON, Marnie, you should have seen this coming!)

    15. And in that installment, Halloweentown has been turned black and white. So spooky!

    16. The third movie, Halloweentown High, is about Marnie's efforts to create integration between Halloweentown and the mortal world.


    17. This one also groomed a few future High School Musical stars, for which we owe it immensely.

    Olesya Rulin (the pink troll) played Kelsi in the HSM movies, and Lucas Grabeel (far right) played Ryan Evans.

    18. The fourth movie, Return to Halloweentown, swapped in a False Marnie and is best left ignored.

    You did this to us with Zenon's best friend in Zenon: The Zequel, Disney. You cannot do it to us again.

    19. Still, other witch-and-ghost-themed movies might be seasonally appropriate, but none so much as Halloweentown.

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