18 Agonizing Realities Of Crushing On Your Sibling’s Friends


1. If siblings’ friends are off-limits, WHY IS YOUR SIBLING MAKING FRIENDS WITH SUCH HOT PEOPLE.

2. WHY is your sibling bringing around Hot Friends in the SUMMER, when people might be SWIMMING?

Everyone: stay fully clothed!!! Put on snow suits!!!!!

3. Like, the fact that it IS kind of/sort of forbidden is … what makes it more appealing.

4. You can never think of anything to say to the Hot Friend, because you don’t have anything in common except … your sibling.

5. If you find out Hot Friend is coming over, or meeting up with you guys, you try to play it cool. (Badly.)

6. Your sibling WILL start to get suspicious, and ask if you think their friend is cute or something, and you’re like …

7. If your sibling and Hot Friend are older, you have to try to prove your maturity and coolness.

Mmm, yes, I *also* know a lot about alcohol.

8. And if they’re younger, it’s probably even worse.

(Omg they can tell I’m old and lame. I am literally 800 years old and the most boring human alive.)

9. You constantly run the risk of your sibling divulging something SUPER EMBARRASSING about you as a kid.

10. You know exactly what your sibling would say if you asked if they minded.

11. If something does eventually, magically happen, your sibling is going to be piiiiiiiiissed.

12. But that hasn’t stopped you from imagining it.

Universal Pictures / Via i-mumble-loudly.tumblr.com

A little daydream never hurt anyone!!!!!!!!

13. Sometimes they come over without notice, and you bump into them in the kitchen in your torn pajamas, hair a mess.

14. But when you DO know they’re coming over, you have to try to make yourself presentable in a way that isn’t too obvious.

Universal Pictures / Via thegiflibrary.tumblr.com

15. And there is nothing like being in the company of your immediate family to throw off your flirting game.

NBC / Via reddit.com

16. If something happens in their friendship, you take it as a personal slight.

What. Do you MEAN. He isn’t coming over anymore.

17. And while you know it’s possible that something might still happen anyway …

18. You also know the idea of your sibling’s Hot Friend is probably better staying that way anyway.

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