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17 Things One Direction Fans Don't Want To Hear Right Now

No, it's NOT "OK."

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1. "They're just a boy band."


False. They are our truest representation of all that is joyful and hopeful and young.

2. "They still have the new album coming out!"

BUT NOT A TOUR!!!!!!!!!

3. "You are a grown woman."


Not anymore. This news has reduced us all to helpless babies.

4. "Didn't you kind of see this coming?"


Only in the way that anyone sees his or her own death coming: vaguely, distantly, all while hoping that it isn't really true.

5. "Weren't they kind of past their prime?"

It's like you didn't even listen to "Drag Me Down."

6. "They'll still make music!"


Yes, but not together. At least not for a while, and possibly not for a very long time. It won't be the same and everything is terrible.

7. *Laughter*

Sadness is never funny!!!

8. "It's probably because of Zayn."


One Direction with Zayn and One Direction without Zayn are separate and wonderful entities — each a magic experience unto itself. We do not speculate about Zayn's role in this now; we have had to move on.

9. "They had to break up sometime."

TriStar Pictures

No. No, they could have been the first boy band to last literally forever. They could have lived forever, long after our great-great-great-grandchildren become 1DAF and then die.

10. "You're not like...really sad, though, right?"

How dare you.

11. "Do you think it's actually a hiatus?"

I mean, probably not!!!!! But we have to believe!

12. "I can't wait to see who's the first to become a train wreck."

Why would you be like this?

13. "There's always 5SOS!"

You can't be serious.

14. "Do you want to watch YouTube videos of them on The X Factor?"


No. We can't. It's too much too soon.

15. "A Harry solo album would be great though, right?"


Of COURSE it will be great. It will transcend space and time and human emotion. That is BESIDE THE POINT.

16. "Well at least there are other directions!!" [uproarious laughter]


17. "Who will you fangirl over now?"


*stares into the distance* ... 1D, always. Even if only as a memory.

18. And the one thing you SHOULD say: "Do you need a hug?"


Yes. :(((((((((

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