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    Posted on Nov 20, 2014

    14 Things All Holiday Babies Know To Be True

    Oh, the agony of a Thanksgiving/Christmas/New Year's/etc. birthday.

    1. If your birthday is on a famous birthday holiday, it's never just about *you.*

    ABC / Via

    President's Day not quite as severe.

    2. And if your birthday is on Christmas Day, you might as well be invisible.

    Warner Bros. / Via

    Whether you celebrate Christmas yourself or not. It's EVERYWHERE.

    3. You've tried to get people you know to modify their holidays (just a little!!!!) to accommodate your birthday.

    Comedy Central / Via

    OK it'll be "Thanksgiving" ... but with pizza and birthday cake.

    4. If you express any resentment toward sharing celebrations with the holidays, you feel like a total monster.

    Touchstone Pictures / Via

    "What if this year ... Halloween was JUST my birthday. Haha jk. :("

    5. Your birthday doesn't have streamers and balloons, it has tinsel and lights and wreaths.

    (Or fake cobwebs! Or decorative gourds.)

    6. People with non-holiday birthdays just don't understand — but neither can you explain it.

    Warner Bros. Tv / Via

    "It's just ... BAD."

    7. When you find someone else with a birthday near yours, they feel like a ~kindred spirit~.

    NBC / Via

    Let's both make this about US.

    8. Your plans are often thwarted because places are closed for the holidays.

    CW / Via

    Well FINE, I guess I'll just drink a bottle of wine by myself.

    9. On occasion, you've tried to trick yourself into thinking thousands of people are actually ALL celebrating YOUR birthday.

    Lee Mendelson Film Productions / Via

    Oh, Charlie Brown Christmas? That film is about my birth.

    10. You relate deeply to Fauna trying to keep that damn cake up in Sleeping Beauty.

    Disney / Via

    It's a metaphor FOR YOUR LIFE.

    11. When people DO make a big deal out of your birthday, you're so shocked you don't know how to handle it.

    Disney / Via

    Wha— what IS THIS???

    12. And then there's the present thing.

    NBC / Via

    Which totally TOTALLY mattered more when you were a kid and bratty teen and not at ALL now that you are a mature and selfless adult. Not even a little does it bother you, that you get combination holiday/birthday presents. At all.

    13. But for the most part, you've learned to accept your holiday birthday, and celebrate in your own way.

    E! / Via

    What better day to have just for yourself?

    14. Plus, there's one major benefit to a holiday birthday: feasting.

    Disney / Via

    It's a holiday, but it's also my birthday. I get as many desserts as I want.

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