10 Outfits From YA Fiction You Wish You Owned

Young Adult books for girls have always had the best, weirdest, most vivid outfit descriptions. Here are 10 we STILL want.

1. The Baby-Sitters Club, Ann M. Martin

Jen Lewis

“I changed my mind six times before I decided on this pink shirt I got the last time we went back to New York City to visit friends. Big, bright green and yellow birds were splashed all over it. It was gigantic, so it would be cool. I put it on with a pair of baggy shorts, looped a wide green belt around my middle, and hunted up some jewelry—silver bangle bracelets and a pair of silver earrings shaped like bells that actually ring when they dangle back and forth.” - Stacey, The Baby-Sitters Club #8: Boy-Crazy Stacey, 1987

2. Nancy Drew, Carolyn Keene

Jen Lewis

“Titian-haired Nancy was a trim figure in her olive-green knit with matching shoes. Beige accessories and knitting bag completed her costume.” - Nancy Drew #5, The Secret at Shadow Ranch, 1931

3. Gossip Girl, Cecily von Ziegesar

Jen Lewis

“A buxom, raven-haired, long-legged L’Ecole girl greeted Blair from Nate’s bed … Lexique, whose name was really Lexie, was wearing a lavender-and-mustard-yellow hand-dyed cotton wraparound dress that looked homemade but had actually been purchased at Kirna Zabete for four hundred and fifty dollars, and those ugly flat Pakistani sheep-herder sandals from Barneys that everyone but Blair seemed to think were so cool this year. Lexie’s face was makeup-free, and she cradled an acoustic guitar in her skinny arms.” - Gossip Girl #7: Nobody Does It Better, 2005

4. Little House series, Laura Ingalls Wilder

Jen Lewis

“Laura smoothed her dress. It was brown calico sprinkled with red flowers. Her hair hung down her back in long, brown braids, and a red ribbon tied their ends together. There was a red ribbon around the crown of her hat too.” - By the Shores of Silver Lake, 1939

5. The Clique, Lisi Harrison

Jen Lewis

“Massie checked the back of her satin cargo pants for panty lines and examined her white Hermés scarf (worn as a belt, of course) to make sure the knot was sitting flat against her hips. Her white cashmere tank top was free of dog hair and her amber eyes looked bright.” - The Clique, 2004

6. The Baby-Sitters Club, Ann M. Martin

Jen Lewis

“Claud mixes and matches the weirdest stuff and comes up with the coolest outfits. Like a loose blouse with a fake coat of arms on it worn over a very short black skirt. Around her waist, a scarf. On her feet, short black boots. Dangling from her ears, dinosaurs. And her hair might be piled on top of her head and held in place with hairpins that look like seahorses.” - Baby-sitters Club #25: Mary-Anne and the Search for Tigger, 1989

7. The Weetzie Bat books, Francesca Lia Block

Jen Lewis

“Under the pink Harlequin sunglasses, strawberry lipstick, earrings dangling charms, and sugar-frosted eye shadow she was really almost beautiful. Sometimes she wore Levi’s with white suede fringe sewn down the legs and a feathered Indian headdress.” - Pink Smog: Becoming Weetzie Bat, 2012

8. Harriet the Spy, Louise Fitzhugh

Jen Lewis

“Next she put on an old dark-blue sweatshirt with a hood which she wore at the beach house in the summer so that it still smelled of salt air in a comforting way. Then she put on an old pair of blue sneakers with holes over each of her little toes … She finished by donning a pair of black-rimmed spectacles with no glass in them.” - Harriet the Spy, 1964

9. Anne of Green Gables, L.M. Montgomery

Jen Lewis

“Anne took the dress and looked at it in reverent silence. Oh, how pretty it was — a lovely soft brown gloria with all the gloss of silk; a skirt with dainty frills and shirrings; a waist elaborately pintucked in the most fashionable way, with a little ruffle of filmy lace at the neck. But the sleeves — they were the crowning glory! Long elbow cuffs, and above them two beautiful puffs divided by rows of shirring and bows of brown-silk ribbon.” - Anne of Green Gables, 1908

10. Sweet Valley High, Francine Pascal

Jen Lewis

“Jessica was glad she’d taken the trouble to curl her hair and put on her sexiest red blouse. She had even borrowed her sister’s brand-new black sandal heels to go with her black silk-jersey skirt.” - Sweet Valley High: Double Love, 1983

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