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    18 Makeup Tips And Tricks That Will Actually Save You Time

    Ain't nobody got time for that (two hour makeup routine).

    1. Create the perfect pout quickly by utilizing the cupid's bow trick. Use any lip liner to create an "X" and outline your upper lip. This will help you color *inside* the lines and define your lips when applying lipgloss or lipstick.

    2. Use a highlighter stick for anything and everything. Not only do they create an amazing pop of shimmer on your cheeks, but they can be used as eyeshadow or on the inner corners of your eyes to make you look more awake — all with just a few quick swipes.

    3. Forget the days of spending hours on your cat eye with this eyeliner stamp. It'll basically do all the work for you by creating the same wing shape every time. The only thing you need to do is figure out the *purrfect* placement for your eyes.

    4. Master the fastest smoky eye by using eyeshadow pencils. Fill your lid in with a lighter color as your base and a darker color in the corner in a grid-like formation. Blend it all together and you'll be on your merry way.

    5. Turn to a makeup eraser pen when you're rushing and make a small mistake! Apply it to the area where the makeup is unwanted and it will be erased *without* having to take your whole face off.

    6. Skip a bunch of extra steps with the seven-in-one IT Cosmetics CC cream. If you're running late, you can moisturize, prime, and conceal (plus so much more!) all with one product.

    7. Give your eyelash curler a rest and swipe on some Benefit lash-lifting mascara. Its curved wand will volumize your lashes and curl them all at the same time.

    8. Toss your brush and use cream blush! It can be applied with your fingers (kind of like finger painting!) and is super easy to build and blend, unlike powder blush that can take a few tries to get just right.

    9. Fix any mishaps you may have had while applying your lipstick by using an angled brush and concealer to create clean, crisp lines. No need to start over from scratch, which will take twice as long and usually cause a *colorful* nightmare all over your face.

    10. Define your eyes with an eyeshadow quad. This quad has pre-curated shades that go together for you, so there's no need to spend time picking colors from all your random palettes. Plus, it LITERALLY tells you where to put each color on your eye so you'll be able to create a smoky eye in your sleep.

    11. Avoid spending time removing pesky eyeshadow fallout by using eyeshadow shields. It also helps create a sharp line when applying eyeliner or eyeshadow — a time-saving double whammy.

    12. Make contouring easy with a double-sided contour stick. Apply the lighter shade where you want to highlight and the darker shade where you want definition. No brushes, no overwhelming palettes, and no time wasted. Not having time to contour? I don't know her.

    13. Clean your brushes in-between each shadow application by using a color-switch sponge. No need to fuss and fumble for a new brush when switching from your crease back to your lid.

    14. Ditch filling in your eyebrows on the daily with a brow tint kit. Applying this semi-permanent dye once every few weeks will give you flawless brows so you don't have to waste time filling them in every morning. *Tosses all eyebrow pencils in the trash*.

    15. Prep your skin with a popular Maybelline primer that'll help reduce fine lines and redness, as well as blur big pores. This way, your foundation will glide on super smoothly and you can have a flawless face of makeup in a jiffy.

    16. Conquer putting foundation or concealer on in 10 seconds with this cult-favorite oval brush set. These brushes will help you seamlessly blend your makeup for a silky smooth complexion without having to go over your face a million times.

    17. Spritz on some Mario Badescu facial spray to help you achieve your routine with the push of a finger. Hydrating your skin or creating a dewy glow are just some of the many ways you'll incorporate this duo into your on-the-go routine.

    18. Control and shape even thick eyebrows with the fan-favorite Glossier boy brow gel. You can get it in clear, in a tinted shade, or use both together for maximum hold. Just a few swipes will give you effortless ~on fleek~ brows.

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