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    This De-Wrinkle Spray Is Perfect For Anyone Who's Never Touched An Iron

    Step aside, ironing board, there's a new sheriff in town.

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    Maybe your clothes are wrinkled all the time (like mine are) and you're just too darn lazy to iron or steam them...or to even just pick them up off of the floor. I guess we all can't be on Danny Tanner's level.


    Well, internet, let me introduce you to Downy's Wrinkle Release Spray that Amazon reviewers are calling "voodoo" and "the devil's magic" because that's just how *unbelievably* well it works. Plus, you can get a two-pack on Amazon for just $11.98 and the bottles are huuuuuge!

    Katie Glider / Via BuzzFeed

    (That equals about 18 cents per fluid ounce, if you were wondering.)

    The spray also eliminates odors and removes static. It has a light scent that will make your clothes smell like they just came out of the dryer, even though they were probably been sitting on The Chair (you know what chair I'm talking about) for weeks! Reviewers with a sensitive nose say they like to let their clothes air out for a few minutes after they spray it, just to tame the smell a bit. While some reviewers claim they have gotten rid of their iron completely, you may still want to keep it just for those super-nice dress pants that need that crisp, pressed look, or for REALLY tough creases.

    Here's how it works: Hang your piece of clothing on a hanger. Give it a few spritzes all over or, if desired, only in the wrinkled areas. Lastly, give it a few tugs to help smooth out the clothing and relax the fibers.

    Katie Glider / Via BuzzFeed

    You can also hang the article of clothing after you spray, but I find it works better to hang it first.

    And boom! In a matter of just minutes, the wrinkles will have been released and you'll have these incredible results:

    Katie Glider / Via BuzzFeed

    Plus, the Amazon reviews for this spray don't lie. It has over 1,000 reviews and a 4.4-star rating. That does impress me much. Let's hear what the good people of Amazon have to say about it:

    Amazon, Katie Glider / Via BuzzFeed

    "I absolutely LOVE this product. I first purchased it a few months ago when it was recommended to me by a friend at work. She has two girls under the age of 6 and would often tell me how this wrinkle releaser was a lifesaver, especially in the mad rush to get her children off to school in the morning. If she pulled out a wrinkled outfit, there was no need to put it back and find another, or drag out the ironing board. A few squirts of the wrinkle releaser and everyone was ready to start their day, wrinkle-free!

    As someone who also experiences a mad rush in the morning and hates to iron in general, I was eager to try it. I first used the product when hanging and folding laundry. Unfortunately, the laundry in my house tends to sit in the basket for a quite a while after coming out of the dryer, leaving many of my husband's nice collared shirts, and my work blouses, littered with wrinkles. In the past, I'd have to pull out my ironing board and say a prayer I didn't burn holes in any of our more delicate shirts. With the wrinkle releaser I lay out the shirt or hang it up, spray both sides, and smooth. In a few short minutes the shirt is dry and the wrinkles are gone.

    No more lugging around the ironing board, worrying about ruining a shirt with an overzealous iron, or making myself late trying to rid my work blouse of a few wrinkles before heading out the door. It's been great for me on all material types including thick jeans, polyester, and silk. It also reduces static cling and the fragrance is very nice too (a fresh scent without being overpowering). You NEED to try this product." —Amazon Customer

    One reviewer was so amazed by how it transformed her white T-shirt, she said she would "step on 300 Lego barefoot" for this spray. And I don't blame her!

    Being lazy JUST got a whole lot easier, my friends.

    "Some people might call it lazy, but I call it a solution to having been lazy. I forget to get the clothes out of the dryer time after time. I take them out, and they are a wrinkled mess! It happens, ok, this is life, people. Don't bring me before the laundry judge and jury. Enter: Downy Wrinkle Release Spray. A few sprays and my laundry crime dissolves before anyone even knows. It really works, in a matter of a few minutes! Wrinkles disappear right before my eyes. Shhh. Nobody needs to know but you, me, and Downy." —Jackie DeCearis

    "This stuff is a lifesaver! Well, a time-saver extraordinaire. I have been using Downy Wrinkle Release for years. It has a fresh scent and it gets wrinkles out of almost every fabric with no ironing, steaming, or effort on my part. This works great on cotton but also on synthetic materials. I have used it on satin and it didn't leave any marks. You just mist it on the fabric and give the item a little tug here and there to straighten it out, and let the spray dry. Bye, bye wrinkles! I even used it on my new living room curtains while they were on the rod. Those wrinkles were super hard to get out, but two applications did it. I love this spray and can't be without it. I haven't had to iron in years. It also works nicely to freshen clothes that may smell stale or are not freshly washed. A few mists and the clothes smell like they just came out of the dryer." —PattyT

    It's perfect for any busy parent, person who travels a lot, or college student alike. It's basically an iron in a bottle and will save you from wasting your precious time ironing.

    "This year I have been attending medical school interviews all over the country. I have ONE suit that I do not have the money to continuously dry clean between interviews. I bought this to keep with me when traveling so my suit remains pressed and fresh. I typically just spray it and do not use an iron, as it's time-consuming and I have other things to worry about on interview day. It really does what it says it will and keeps your clothes crisp and nice-smelling." —Taylor

    "What more can I say about this product? I travel for business frequently, and this is indispensable on those trips. It works on almost all fabrics and refreshes and de-wrinkles your clothes. I have a small travel-sized bottle that I refill when on trips. I no longer worry about how I pack because I carry this spray." —Hobbesmom

    "I love this product so much. I do not iron anymore. I do not fold my children's clothes anymore. I spray, smooth, and go. I have a bottle in my closet, in each kid's room, and in the laundry room. I have left this in friends' mailboxes and given it as a secret Santa gift. If I was famous and people asked me what product I wanted to endorse, I would spray this all over my clothes, hold it up proudly, and say ''Audi.'" —K

    You can even spray it on curtains, tablecloths, sheets, or pillowcases to remove wrinkles or static. You're literally going to want to de-wrinkle EVERYTHING just for the fun of it!!

    If you're not in a rush, you can spray your wrinkled item and throw it in the dryer for even better results, like this reviewer did with her green tablecloth.

    "Downy Wrinkle Releaser is an amazing product. It's very good at removing wrinkles. I have washable, cream-colored, heavy denim slipcovers on the sofas in my living room. I used to have to iron them after washing them, and it took forever, because the fabric is so heavy. Then, with a great deal of skepticism, I tried this product and it worked so well, I no longer bother ironing the slipcovers. I just put them on the sofas and spray them with this. I also use it on T-shirts and tank tops that are wrinkled when I forget to take them out of the dryer." —J. Hume

    "I've been using this product for a few years now. It's as fabulous as all the reviewers have said, for all of the uses mentioned. However, I haven't seen or read a review that mentions my favorite use, SHEETS. I hate when I forget our cotton sheets in the dryer and pull out a wrinkled/creased top hem, almost as much as I detest ironing a sheet. I give it a little spritz and voila, smooth and wrinkle-free sheets." —Dianne Jacobs

    "Wow! I can't believe that this actually works. I have a microfiber couch and man, does it create static. After lying on it for a while, I would get zapped by anything I touched. I was so upset because it was a brand-new couch. I sprayed this on my couch and almost immediately all the static went away. I also love it because it works super well on my clothing too." —Fescamilla89

    It also comes in a travel-sized bottle (pictured here) for anyone who tends to ruin their clothes the second they leave the house or who wants to pack it in their suitcase.

    Katie Glider / Via BuzzFeed

    The travel-sized bottle would definitely make a great stocking stuffer for your family member or friend who loathes ironing/steaming.

    "I tried this travel-sized wrinkle release spray on a cruise after borrowing it from a friend and I LOVE it! Irons are not allowed on cruises, but who needs one when you have this stuff? It worked great to get the wrinkles out of everything I packed. Even my picky teenage girls loved it. They insist it's a must-have on every trip we go on from now on." —HFarrellNurse

    "Listen up, parents of teenagers! This product is for YOU! My kids use this gem ALL. THE. TIME. I had to buy more because my teenage daughter keeps one in her room now. I was always wondering where the spray was and it was always on her dresser. I take the travel-sized bottles with me on trips. Overnights. Everywhere. It is so great. I just bought more for the girl as she's leaving next weekend for college and this was on her list (higher than ramen!). So that should tell you something." —Rebecca G.

    Get a two-pack (perfect so you can keep one at work and in your car!) from Amazon for $7.99.

    Here's just one more before-and-after of my wrinkle-crushing victories. Did I mention your clothes will feel and smell so fresh after?

    Kate Glider / Via BuzzFeed

    So smooth, so satisfying!

    Real talk, people, this magic potion will save you from ironing and will help you be on time to school or work or wherever you're going. Maybe people will even think you have your life together for once! Get a two-pack from Amazon for $11.98.


    You'll never have to do this again:


    The reviews in this post have been edited for length and clarity.

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