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    • kathyr4

      My now-husband proposed at Epcot in Disney World on our 4-year anniversary - June 4th 2014! We had gotten a reservation for the Illuminations Dessert party for the fireworks and he had planned with a friend of ours who had worked as a photographer there to have one of the Disney photographers there to capture the moment. When we arrived for the party, he went and talked to the woman who organized the dessert party (whom he’d been in contact with the previous few weeks through phone/email) to get us closer to the lagoon, so we were the only ones right there at the edge to watch the whole show. When the fireworks started to go off at 9pm, he got down on one knee and turned me to him, and asked if I’d be his wife! Of course I said yes! Meanwhile, the PhotoPass photographer captured everything! We spent most of the time making out for the camera (at the photographer’s instruction) , so we only saw the actual fireworks later in the week when they were all uploaded to our Disney Memory Maker, lol. The cast members running the dessert party had “Just Engaged” buttons with our names written on them ready to go for us, and as we left the park, all the cast members congratulated us and asked if we’d be back for our honeymoon (we did, lol)! Truly a memorable moment in our lives!

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