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    30 Things From Walmart That’ll Help You Redo Your Home Without Bringing In Professionals

    It's time to create a space you truly love.

    1. A pack of two peel-and-stick wallpaper panels that will show you really know how to *stick* the landing with this design thing.

    the blue floral wallpaper in a bedroom

    2. A super chic three-piece outdoor conversation set, which will basically add another room to your house — and it'll be your favorite one.

    The set pictured outside in the black and white colorway

    3. A set of six clear organizing bins that'll take your refrigerator to an organization level worthy of your own TV show.

    The set on display in a refrigerator

    4. A classic nightstand, because you'll be surprised what a difference it can make in your bedroom. Not that your TBR pile didn't make for a great nightstand, but it'll be nice to actually read those books instead of using them to hold your water cup.

    The nightstand in rustic oak

    5. A KidKraft playset with swings, a slide, a chalk wall, a canopy, and a climbing wall so you can "go" to the playground while sitter-vising from your lounge chair. #gamechanger

    the playset in a backyard

    6. A four-piece matte black stainless-steel bathroom hardware set, which — despite the name — is actually not hard at all to install. You've got this!

    the five piece set

    7. A crisp, bright white shower curtain so you can wash away the memories of that old dingy, mildewy curtain you had for WAY too long. Plus, this one has a magnetic bottom so the water stays in the shower. Win-win!

    The shower curtain pictured in white

    8. An under-the-bed storage bag to essentially give you an extra closet without wasting any space on out-of-season clothes in your actual closet. See you in September, chunky sweaters!

    The bag with clothes in it

    9. An organic cotton Gap Home rugby stripe duvet and sham set so when you sink into your cozy bed each evening (or during nap time — no judging here), you won't be able to remember if you're at home or a fancy hotel.

    the blue and white striped comforter on a bed

    10. A HEPA air purifier that will transform the air that you breathe — and while you can't see the change, your allergies will thank you! Bonus: this lil' guy can purify air in rooms up to 547 square feet.

    The white air purifier

    11. A beaded pendant chandelier, which will illuminate your space with an Instagrammable look — and give you a mega-watt smile every time you look at it.

    The chandelier pictured in gray

    12. A beautiful throw pillow in a nice neutral tone that will have you feeling anything but neutral about your room's new boho-inspired look.

    The pillow in the cream color

    13. A faux fiddle-leaf fig tree, because you'll get all the benefits of bringing greenery to your home and looking like you have a green thumb without any of the actual responsibilities of keeping a plant alive.

    The faux plant in a room

    14. A Waterpik dual-mode shower head that will actually make you excited to get out of bed each morning. You're going to need to budget an extra 10–15 minutes for this spa-like experience.

    A closeup of the shower head

    15. A wood-burning fire pit to turn your backyard into the hottest s'mores joint in town. It's a super exclusive spot and you have to BYO marshmallows, chocolate, and graham crackers.

    the fire pit in action

    16. A chic desk, because it's time that you turn your work-from-home station into something more than just a folding table shoved into a corner.

    The desk in white

    17. A keyless touchscreen lock that means you'll never lock yourself out of the house again (and you'll be able to give your code to friends and fam if you're not there) — and that's a *key* update to your home.

    A closeup of the touchscreen lock in the silver nickel finish

    18. A 20-count string of bistro lights to really amp up the ambiance of your outdoor space and create a vibe that's perfect for making memories (and taking AMAZING pictures).

    the lights lit up

    19. A hall tree and bench with four hooks and 15 slots for shoes, because even though your home might not have a mudroom, you don't need a home reno to get the storage space you're looking for. Plus, you are DONE with the clutter of shoes, purses, jackets, and backpacks right when you walk in the door.

    The hall tree pictured in white

    20. A two-tower, nine-shelf organizing system that will take your closet from looking like a gate to The Upside Down to something a fully functioning adult would have in their home.

    The closet system set up with clothes and accessories on it

    21. A four-piece couch slipcover because while coastal grandmother is in, your couch is just plain grandma. No disrespect to your well-loved sofa, but she really deserves this makeover.

    The slipcover on a couch in the navy color

    22. A set of 24 glass spice jars that will bring you a moment of zen, every *ahem* thyme you look at it. The set even comes with a tiny funnel to help you fill the jars, which is practical and cute.

    The matching spice jars neatly in a drawer

    23. A 10-piece set of stainless-steel cookware and tools to make your kitchen look like a professional chef lives there. You are a professional when it comes to mac 'n' cheese though, right? It counts!

    The 10-piece set displayed

    24. A 20x20 framed statement art piece from Drew Barrymore Flower Home to replace your old frayed posters (bye, you won't miss them) and brighten up your space in a way that's grownup but not too...stuffy.

    a closeup of the art

    25. A summery honeysuckle and mint candle that's so fragrant and lovely, every time someone walks into your house you'll hear them say "ahhhhh."

    a closeup of the candle

    26. A pack of peel-and-stick subway-style tiles so you can give your tired kitchen a makeover while your Instant Pot takes care of dinner (look at you, doing it all).

    The subway tile peel and stick on a kitchen backsplash

    27. A tufted diamond area rug from Miranda Lambert's line, Wanda June, to add some texture and visual interest to any room — you'll basically want to sing every time you see it.

    The rug styled in a living room

    28. A two-pack of smart plugs compatible with Amazon, Google, and more that will make even the oldest of homes feel modern. Forget to turn off the lights downstairs? No problem, let Alexa take care of it for you.

    the app and the plug

    29. An island cart because you can't even count the number of times you've said, "I just wish I had an island," when working in your kitchen. Well, wish granted!

    The island cart in a kitchen with the cabinet drawers open to show off the space

    30. A pair of semi-sheer curtains made from organic cotton, because your windows have always felt a little...under-dressed. Adding window treatments instantly elevates the space.

    the curtains pictured in gray

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