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    20 Toys From Target That’ll Actually Make Kids Put Down The iPad

    Screens... What screens. It's time to play.

    We hope you love the products we recommend! All of them were independently selected by our editors. Just so you know, BuzzFeed collects a share of sales and/or other compensation from the links on this page. Oh, and FYI — prices are accurate and items in stock as of time of publication.

    1. A very charming toy kitchen, the MVP of imaginative play, which also comes with 56 play food pieces for extra fun. Is it weird that a toy kitchen might serve as the inspo for the reno you've been dreaming of? Nope.

    2. An outdoor lawnmower toy, because nothing is cuter than a toddler on a mission to mimic the world around them... and nothing is better for them than being outside!

    The toy lawnmower

    3. A pack of Magna-Tiles, a fantastic building system that will get used over and over and over again. Pro tip: commit to one building toy type and then just keep adding to it! It will still feel new to your crew and clean up will be MUCH easier.

    the magnatiles and their packaging

    4. A Polly Pocket, which will probably bring you back to your own childhood, but will transport your child to a tiny, magical world of play for hours and hours on end. You might actually get to drink that coffee while it's hot.

    a child plays with the polly pocket

    5. A TonieBox starter set that comes with a Toy Story Tonie. This immensely popular audio player toy is all over your Instagram feed for a reason — kiddos love choosing what music and stories they get to listen to and the Tonies (sold separately) come in all of their favorite characters.

    a red toniebox with a toy story tonie

    6. A deck of UNO cards, which has staying power for a reason. Independent play is every grownup's dream, but you should probably just join them on this one because it's that fun.

    a deck of UNO cards

    7. A set of Stomp Rockets because it's important to a) get your space cadets outside and b) give them an out-of-this-world good time.

    kids play with the stomp rockets

    8. A 115-piece art kit that has everything your mini Monet needs to start creating some serious masterpieces for your refrigerator.

    9. A Little Tikes red electric guitar, which has a SUPER important feature: grownups can control the volume. Budding rockstars can free play or play along to recorded music. All you have to do is sit back and enjoy the show!

    the red kid's electric guitar

    10. An FAO Schwartz nine-piece ceramic glazed tea party set that can actually be used with real food and drink. Why watch a princess tea party on a screen when you can have one in real life?

    11. A 10-pin bowling set so you can transform your own home into a super fun bowling alley. Find the perfect room or a hallway and let the good times *roll*!

    12. A jungle play tent that will take your kiddo's imagination on an adventure. Just add some stuffed animals and you've got a safari party!

    The pop up tent

    13. A Elmer's slime kit, which is a guaranteed gooey good time (but it's not hard to clean up!). Who knew that something as simple as slime could get you 30+ minutes of quality play?

    14. A nine-piece Melissa & Doug vet's dress-up costume that will help your favorite animal-lover get a very early jump on their career... those stuffed animals aren't going to bandage their boo-boos themselves!

    a child plays with the vet kit

    15. An Inventor's Box, with more than 700 pieces and an ideas booklet to get things going. Go ahead, sit back, and see if your kid might actually try and reinvent the wheel! This is STEM at its finest.

    16. A 47-piece wooden train set for your cutie conductor. While your little is developing engineering and building skills and imagining a small world, you can keep the other trains running on time... you know, like planning dinner, etc.

    17. A 48-piece floor puzzle, perfect for those moments when you really just need some quiet time. While they do a puzzle of the ocean floor, you can take a few minutes and pretend you're at the beach, sitting by the water.

    18. A Bop It! Yes, you read right. It's more than just the old '90s jingle you can't get out of your head. You haven't forgotten this toy because it is SO MUCH FUN. You can play it in single or multiplayer mode, too.

    two kids play with a Bop It!

    19. A box of 10 fidget toys that will help soothe the brain and satisfy various sensory needs, no blue light necessary! These will fit perfectly in your bag, so use them for travel and going out to eat!

    20. A Flybar foam pogo hopper, for those crazy times when your children are bouncing off the walls. Let them get the wiggles out in a healthy way on this safe, foam bouncer.

    a child bounces on the foam pogo stick

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