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    15 Animals That Only Come Out At Night And In My Nightmares

    Streaming nature documentaries was all fun and games until I started developing phobias of the animals.

    I thank God every day that these creatures are nocturnal because seeing one in the daylight would leave me in shambles.

    MJJ Productions / / Via

    1. The aye-aye looks like a tarantula mated with a monkey and it is nothing if not nightmare fuel.

    An animal with piercing yellow eyes, long spindly fingers, and messy grey and black hair
    Thorsten Negro / Getty Images

    Whatever you do, don't imagine the aye-aye running those spindly fingers through your hair.

    2. The Indian flying fox, which grows up to 6 feet tall, is the only thing worse than a blood-sucking bat.

    The Indian flying fox wingspan, which is huge
    Hlansdown / Getty Images

    This bat could make a killing on swamp dating apps with that height.

    3. The tarsier looks like it can see through time and space...what does it know that we don't?!

    A tiny creature, whose eyes take up 25% of its body, gripping a small branch
    Ullstein Bild / Getty Images

    It actually doesn't know much – the Tarsier's eyes are larger than its brain!

    4. The binturong smells like buttered popcorn (?!), but is carnivorous and will eat just about anything in sight.

    A red eyed animal with messy whiskers and fur
    Daniel Hernanz Ramos / Getty Images

    Hailing from southeast Asia, the binturong is also commonly and horrifyingly known as a bearcat.

    5. This Leopard slug mating ritual is unfortunately forever burned into my brain.

    Two slugs hanging upside down from their mucus performing a mating ritual
    Jasius / Getty Images

    I am not here to kink shame, but something about hanging upside down from secreted mucus to mate feels off to me. That large blue tube popping out of the slugs head is actually its penis...

    6. When the opossum is triggered or stressed it "plays dead." I, too, play dead when I see this beady-eyed beast.

    A pointy faced, beady eyed opossum in the snow
    Kencanning / Getty Images

    The "O" is not there to trip up your spelling – opossums and possums are different animals.

    7. The pangolin will curl into a ball of natural armor to defend from predators, but what can we do when we see a pangolin?

    A scaly creature that camouflages with the dirt
    Jupiterimages / Getty Images

    In all seriousness, pangolins are a Critically Endangered species often poached for their scales or meat. In 2020, the Chinese government increased restrictions against the consumption of the species as well as uses of pangolin scales in traditional medicine.

    8. Tarantulas and their hairy little legs can haunt your dreams for decades during their 30-year lifespan.

    A tarantula holding up its front four legs and facing the camera
    Kuritafsheen / Getty Images

    I wonder if anyone has told the millennial tarantulas we're doing middle parts now...

    9. Moray eels, AKA water snakes with two rows of teeth, are known for their vicious bites.

    A shrimp grazing the skin of an eel tucked in between some rocks
    Steven Trainoff Ph.d. / Getty Images

    Yellow eyes and sharp teeth? This eel is basically the Edward Cullen of the sea.

    10. Deathstalker scorpions can and will end your life with just one sting.

    A scorpion that is glowing under ultraviolet lights
    Ricardo Cortes-cameron / Getty Images

    The only thing more dangerous than a scorpion is a Gemini. Boom, roasted!

    11. Tasmanian devils have a bite strong enough to cut through metal or bone!

    A Tasmanian devil opening its jaw and showing its sharp teeth
    Ted Mead / Getty Images

    No wonder Bugs Bunny is always messing with this guy!

    12. Millipedes are an example of something I wouldn't touch in one million years.

    A thick worm looking creature with hundreds of legs
    Andrew Cowie / Afp / Getty Images

    Dear Hollywood, please never ever make a "Human Millipede" film franchise.

    13. The cuttlefish looks like the last thing I would ever cuddle.

    An octopus looking fish droopy eyes and fins that look like a beard
    Schafer & Hill / Getty Images

    The cuttlefish can see from behind so there's nowhere to hide from this ocean dweller.

    14. Real aardvarks look nothing like their cutesy PBS recreation in Arthur.

    A pig looking creature with a more narrow face and no fur
    Frank Rumpenhorst / Picture-Alliance / DPA / AP Images

    The aardvark can add 12 inches to its height just by sticking out its tongue.

    15. Naked mole-rats are also a lot grosser than Disney would have you believe. Rufus was portrayed as an "adorable" naked mole-rat in Kim Possible.

    A hairless rat with two front teeth sticking out of its face
    Karen Tweedy-holmes / Getty Images

    Is it me or did this rat look like a– never mind. to go bleach my eyeballs!

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