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How Kids In College Imagine Their Thirties

BuzzFeed's 20-year-old interns envision life 10 years down the road. The future holds a good amount of quinoa.

On Relationships, Sex, and Social Life

"I just feel like there's so much roof hype."

"Rooftop parties."

"Rooftop bars."

"Rooftop roofs."


"Artistic rendering of a roof."

"What does a date look like in your thirties?"


"Where you drink a reasonable amount of alcohol."

"And...ask about their family in the first 10 minutes?"

"'What was your major' is probably NOT a question."

"New Girl plotlines."

"Drama derived from living situations."

"People fighting over 'stuff.'"

"Like, 'That's my stuff.'"

"Don't touch my stuff."

"Let's be real, people in their twenties are probably boning more than people in their thirties."

"Except in your thirties you're maybe finally figuring stuff out #cliteracy."

"This is the decade of cliteracy."

On Food and Drink

"Owning basic baking ingredients like flour."

"Also, like, butter knives."

"Food-specific silverware."

"Soup spoons."


"Multiple spatulas."

"Cusinart. Cuisinart? Sp?"

"In your thirties, you definitely have that thing that closes your wine bottles for you. Like, a stand-in cork for once you open it."

"In your thirties, you love to discuss what you're going to cook."

"What you have cooked."

"What you wish you could cook."


"I feel like you learn a lot about grains in your thirties. IDK WHY."

"Yeah you really value whole grains."

"You know how to pronounce quinoa."

On Social Needia

"Making public major life milestones via Facebook."

"Your Facebook profile picture and LinkedIn profile picture are the same picture."

"Using 'social media' as a 'professional tool.'"

"Using LinkedIn direct message."

"Listing your career on Facebook."

"With a very specific start date: 'Started September 2010."

"Like, filling everything out on OkCupid and taking it seriously: def. thirties."

"I don't even know what the logo looks like for that."

"Going out of your way to listen to NPR. And owning NPR swag to show people you listen to NPR."


"And listening to podcasts."

"What are podcasts?"

On Trying New Things

"Thirtysomethings buy HBOGO. That's being 30."

"And they like, don't share their passwords with their friends, or ask friends for theirs."

"Because that would be illegal."

"Men experiment with hats."

"That should be the only thing in the post."

"Literally. Your thirties."

"It's just a guy in a fedora."

"A felt fedora."

"A wool fedora."

"When you're in your thirties, you go for walks."

"Introspective walks."

"Showering at the gym."

"Gym bags."

"Having real sneakers. Like cross-trainers."

"And replacing your sneakers regularly."

"Also, replacing your toothbrush."

"And flossing daily."

"Bc 'gum health.'"

"Not just pre-going-out mouth-washing."

"Wow people in their twenties are barbarians."

On *Thinking About Life*

"Your thirties is when it's, like, actually permissible to start feeling nostalgic about things."

"Like being 15 feels so long ago but it was really, like, five years ago."

"Omg, guys, remembering Zooey 101 as a twentysomething doesn't feel as legit as when thirtysomethings are like, 'DAWSON'S CREEK THO.'"

"Wistful begins in your thirties."

"You start talking about your body like it's a ticking time bomb."

"'I'm working on my novel.'"

"Intangible goals."

"Yeah people hit their thirties and want to create something big, or their dream thing. Even, like, opening up a store or a bar."

"Absolutely. You really want to put your name on something in your thirties. Even if it's just a kid."

On Careers

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