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    21 Things You Will See In Every College Dorm Room

    Heading off to college? Keep calm and gird yourself.

    1. Chevron

    2. More chevron.

    3. Can never have enough chevron!!!

    You know what goes with chevron? More chevron.

    4. Pictures that are not spaced out uniformly.

    *nonconformity, nonuniformity*

    5. String lights.

    Usually hung up with Scotch tape because college kids don't have fully formed frontal lobes.

    6. American flags.


    O beautiful, for not spacious rooms.

    7. Pouty-faced Lana Del Rey posters.

    ~Lana just gets me~

    8. American flag pouty-faced Lana Del Rey posters.

    Tell her she's your national anthem.

    9. American flag pouty-faced Lana Del Rey posters adorned with string lights.

    Angst overload.

    10. Scandalous!!!!!! pictures of ~women~.

    Because nothing says "I'm a straight 20-year-old male" quite like a poster with a *hint* of boobies!!!

    11. That Pink Floyd poster with the painted lady butts.

    Because nothing says "I'm a straight, 20-year-old male" quite like a poster with a *hint* of lady butts and the covers of albums that you've probably never even heard songs from!!!

    12. Variations on "Keep Calm and Carry On."

    But never the original because that is so *mainstream*.

    13. Marilyn Monroe in a tutu.

    ^what you look like for class every day, amirite?

    14. Audrey Hepburn in Breakfast at Tiffany's.

    Never before seen, very unique, definitely not mass-produced image.

    15. Rosie the Riveter.

    The version that should be hanging on your wall, though.

    16. Phrenology posters.

    Because outdated psychology.

    17. Antique-looking frames.

    Also file under nonuniform spacing of pictures.

    18. Indian-inspired tapestries.

    It's like that sad, off-white cinderblock isn't even there!!

    19. Stencil quotes.

    Nine out of 10 times from The Perks of Being a Wallflower.

    20. Dream catchers.

    To catch all of those dreams that you're not even dreaming because you have a term paper due at 10 a.m. the next morning.

    21. Wall sayings in the imperative.

    Do as I say.

    DREAM, or else.

    See it. See the beauty.

    And just in case you ever forgot that you need to do this.

    Carry on.

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